Video and Media Files

Adding a video or other media to your site is easy, just upload a file to your Media Library or copy a URL from YouTube or other video hosting service, then use a Video QuickTags button in the editor window to inert the file:

  1. Log in to your site’s Dashboard
  2. Start a new post or page, or edit and existing one
  3. Use the Add Media button(s) above the editor toolbar to upload your file
    Tip: If you have upload troubles, use the Browser Uploader link in the upload window instead.
  4. After upload, copy the file’s URL (highlight the full url then on keyboard press CTRL C to copy). DON”T use the “Insert into Post” button – this just puts a link in your post to the file.
  5. Click the Save All Changes button to return to your post
  6. Back in your post or page, use the appropriate Video QuickTags button to insert the file and paste (CTRL V) the URL you copied into the box.
    1. If you have an MP4 or FLV video file, use the Flash Button. There is also a QuickTime button and a Generic video button that looks like a filmstrip. The other buttons are for hosted video service links.
    2. Missing buttons? Save your post as a draft, then click the Video QuickTags link in the Settings menu and make sure all the boxes are checked.
  7. Video and audio files will show up in the editor window as a text, and look something like this:[ flv ][ /flv ]but will show up in the front end of your site in a player window.

Watch the Video:

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