Women’s History Month

Well, I do believe this Women’s History Month was truly amazing. I know that a lot of times, seeing all the hard work pay off can make somethinThis was our poster that was hung around campus for advertising.g look incredible, but really, this was an incredible month all on it’s own. Between movies, presentations, and delightful foods, we rocked this month of March. Two of our members in particular, Chelsea and Lizz, really took charge of the larger Umbrella Human Trafficking event and made it something far beyond what anyone could’ve expected. Not only were they able to get different student groups organized and involve different departments and institutes, but the speaker they found was absolutely mind blowing! She really left an impression on everyone, and made us seriously think about the issues of human trafficking; how it still occurs in the US and won’t stop unless we are able to admit to it and actually take a stand. It was one of the most powerful presentations I’ve ever seen.

Then, after the heavy and dramatic subject matter, everyone gathered and cheered up with some traffick free chocolate fondu with different snacks– always a good thing to have a college event. The attendees were able to enjoy their chocolate, the company of our devoted Umbrella members and had the opportunity to be informed of different aspects of Human trafficking via the posters that were set up in Bobbitt lobby. It was a really outstanding event; something that no one could soon forget!

We also participated in the Women’s Bazaar with our notorious Pay Equity Bake Sale (you want baked goods at reversed discriminatory prices? We’ve got ’em!) and showed a great movie in Bobbitt, Iron Jawed Angels, to end out the month. All in all, it was a very successful Women’s History Month!

This was our poster that was hung around campus for advertising.

Feminist Panel!

Come join us for our first feminist panel on Tuesday September 29th 5-8pm in the Wendel Room on 3rd floor Stockwell! It will be a fishbowl event where our panel will answer questions and dissect myths surrounding feminism. It will be a laid-back atmosphere and will include an open forum Q & A. Hope to see you there!

Panel Members:

Dr. Scott Meltzer (Sociology)

Dr. Trisha Franzen (Women’s and Gender Studies)

Dr. Bille Wickre (Art History)

Cari Drolet (Co-President of Power)

Linette Rousseau (Secretary of Power)