Welcome back!

January 19th, 2016

The Department of Psychological Science hopes that you return refreshed and invigorated for the start of the new semester.

A few reminders:

  • If you plan to major in Psychology, see Schara Swan (Dept. Secretary) in Olin 308 to complete a major declaration form.
  • If you are thinking about graduate school, and especially if you are considering a PhD program, think about getting involved in research. Talk with a prof whose research interests you to see if there is a place for you in the lab.
  • If you are aiming toward the applied side of psychology, consider doing an internship or practicum. Dr. Keyes is the person to see about this.
  • Whatever your plans are for a future in psychology, be more than a face in a classroom. Get to know your profs and fellow psych majors outside of class: visit profs at their office hours, study in the Third Floor Lounge where you can interact with the profs and with other students, attend special events like outside speakers or research talks.

We wish you a successful and rewarding semester!

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Psychological Science Students Honored

April 27th, 2015

Psychological Science students received many honors at the 2015 Honors Convocation, Thursday, April 23:

  • Jessica Glazier and Zach Kribs received the Heston Award, given annually to the outstanding psychology major(s).
  • Shanti Madhavan and Stephen Foster won the Hogberg Award for Research Excellence.
  • Jaime Bourgoin received the Kirsten Metalonis Scholarsip, and Jessica McKindles won the Metalonis Summer Research Fellowship.  These awards were established by the family of Kirsten Metalonis, a Psychology major killed in an auto accident shortly before graduation in 1999.

The Human Services and Neuroscience Concentrations, overseen by the Department of Psychological Science, also presented awards:

  • Shanti Madhavan won the award for Excellence in Human Services.
  • Emily Morlock received the Ned Garvin Award for Excellence in Neuroscience.

In addition. Jessica Glazier‘s thesis was recognized as one of the College’s top four honors theses.

Alumna Cindy (Cardwell) Fast, 2008, received the Young Alumni Award at a ceremony on Friday, April 24.

We congratulation all of these students!

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MUPRC 2015

October 7th, 2014

Web page for the 2015 Michigan Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference is here.

It was a wonderful event, with many fine presentations.  Thanks to all who participated!

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Welcome Back Pizza Party!

September 3rd, 2014

Psych majors!  Please join the faculty and your fellow majors (new and old) for pizza and camaraderie!

TUESDAY, September 9th, 2014

OLIN 345

NOON – 1:30 PM



Cross eyes to see 3D effect!

Cross eyes to see 3D effect!

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Welcome back!

August 21st, 2014

The Department looks forward to seeing all of its returning students, and to meeting many new students.

For those of you new to the department, our offices are located on the 3rd floor of Olin Hall. Be sure to stop by Olin 308 to say “Hi” to Schara Swan (our department secretary); she’s the one who keeps things running smoothly. Of course, your favorite professors will also be glad to see you.

This fall Dr. Holger Elischberger takes the reins as sole chair of the department, having shared the responsibility with Dr. Drew Christopher for the past year. Dr. Elischberger will be glad to hear praise for things that we do well, and concerns about things that we could do better.

This fall we welcome a new face: Dr. Ben Biermeier-Hanson will join us for the year, replacing Dr. Christopher who will be on sabbatical. Dr. Biermeier-Hanson completed his PhD in industrial-organizational psychology at Wayne State University and will be teaching RDA and additional courses. Welcome him when you see him.

You might also notice that Dr. Jacque Carlson is not around. She left us after many years of shepherding students through RDA II and other courses in order to spend more time with her now-school-age son. We’ve also said “good-bye” to Kevin Zabel, who returns to his doctoral program after spending a year with us. We’ll miss them both.

We hope for an enriching and satisfying semester for everyone!

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Psych Students Present Research, Honored

April 27th, 2014

Another Elkin Isaac Student Research Symposium has come and gone.  Five Psychological Science students received departmental awards, and two other students were honored by Concentrations overseen by the department.

  • Oren Shewach received the Heston Award as Outstanding Psychology Major.
  • Camille Haslinger and Danielle Wesolowicz received the Hogberg Award for Excellence in Research.
  • Emily Morlock won the Kirsten Metalonis Memorial Scholarship.
  • Jessica Glazier received the Kirsten Metalonis Summer Research Award.
  • Holly Paxton won the Ned Garvin Neuroscience Award.
  • Emma Schaff was the Outstanding Student in Human Services.

Dr. Drew Christopher, Professor of Psychological Science, received the Senior Teacher of the Year Award, an honor bestowed upon the professor who has had the most profound positive influence on students during the past year.

The Department of Psychological Science congratulates all of these outstanding individuals, and wishes all of its graduating seniors much happiness and success!
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Internship & Practicum Meeting

October 18th, 2013

For sophomores and juniors interested in doing a practicum…


Meeting  Wednesday October 23, 7:00 pm, in Olin 341.

Be there!  Or contact Dr. Keyes with questions.

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Cindy (Cardwell) Fast, ’08, Honored at National Meeting

September 30th, 2013

Cindy Fast with Pavlovian Society President Steve Maren.

Cindy (Cardwell) Fast, 2008 Albion Psychology and Neuroscience alum, received the 2013 Pavlovian Society Poster Award at the Society’s annual meeting, in Austin, TX on September 28.  The award acknowledged the quality of her research, which examines both brain and learning mechanisms that affect imagery in rats.  In brief, rats respond differently to a meaningful light if they cannot determine if it is illuminated compared to their response when they can see that it is not illuminated. The neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the hippocampus seems to be involved in mediating this imagery. Apparently if the rats cannot see the light, they imagine that it might be lit, and this imagery affects their behavior. Her work has implications for the understanding of both brain and learning mechanisms guiding behavior in ambiguous situations.  Fast is currently completing her PhD at UCLA.  Here’s the full information about her poster: “Learning History and Hippocampal Involvement in the Use of an Image under Ambiguous Situations” by Cynthia D. Fast, M. Melissa Flesher, Nathaniel A. Nocera, Michael S. Fanselow, & Aaron P. Blaisdell; University of California, Los Angeles.

The Pavlovian Society, founded in 1955, “is dedicated to the scientific study of behavior and promotion of interdisciplinary scientific communication.” Approximately 160 learning theorists and behavioral neuroscientists attended the meeting, from the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  For more information about the Society visit www.pavlovian.org.

Albion students present research

Holly Paxton (left), Melissa Baguzis, and Prof. Jeff Wilson.

Current students Holly Paxton and Melissa Baguzis also presented research at the meeting.  These students, who work with Psychological Science professor Jeff Wilson, examined learning in the earthworm. They found that earthworms in a running wheel can learn to turn off a light by crawling.  The demonstration of learning in the earthworm opens the door to further studies of the neural substrates of learning in these organisms, perhaps offering insight into how more complex animals learn.

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Welcome Back – Fall 2013!

August 26th, 2013

Welcome back!  It’s a new academic year, and the department has lots in store for its majors.  Bookmark this page and return frequently so that you don’t miss exciting announcements, and visit the department’s home page for information about faculty, courses, requirements, etc.

See Senior, Junior, & New Major Meeting info.

YouTube Preview Image
Some upcoming events:

New Psych Major meeting: October 8, 7:00 pm in Olin 232

New to the major?  Attend the meeting for important information!

Psych students were engaged in lots of exciting research over the summer, including studies focused on

If you want to get involved in research, speak with a professor whose research is especially fascinating to you, or ask your advisor about opportunities in the department.

We are located in Olin Hall, 3rd floor. If you’re thinking about a career in Psycholgy, come talk with us!


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