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Stood out = Artist, Bootstrap, meatball sundae, quitting, sneezer, and you.

The combination of artist and you got me.  It gave me chills like it was trying to empower me with a hidden message.  It made me start thinking of technology.  Thoughts such as I should control what I want to read and see on the Internet instead of what other people want me to see.

I’m not sure if that’s thinking of the concepts in a different way but it made me think of myself as an artist now, in that I should decide what I see.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from a bootstrapper.  I never thought of someone like that, I simply thought of them more as an entrepreneur.  Now I’m assuming that an example of a bootstrapper would be the creator of facebook.  This is because it has grown even more from the growth of others and everyone that continues to use it.

I saw meatball sundae and could not really grasp what it was saying.  I had a hard time trying to think of examples that it would be applied to.  I’m sure it’s simple but it didn’t make sense.  Then the external like to the book had someone talking about it.  I wasn’t sure how to follow that either.  I’m not a business guy so all that talk is just confusing.

Meatball sundae…doesn’t look very good.

Quitting was really entertaining to read.  It reminded me of what one of my friends said, “I don’t set goals because if I do and don’t reach them then I can’t fail”.  He didn’t exactly say he was a quitter but in a sense he did because if he can’t accomplish the task he simply quits so that he can’t fail.

The idea of quitting everything else so that you can focus on the task at hand made me think of school.  In a way I quit hanging out with me friends back at home so that I could go to school to further educate myself.  And now being here at school I do the same thing but this time I quit school to hang out with friends here, or quit doing homework to play video games, or quit working out to do homework.

There are a lot of scenarios that come up.  I think out of all the ones that caught my attention this was the most interesting concept to me.

Sneezer just made me think of the seek and destroy group that we had earlier this year when trying to do the week of sustainability.  It also made me think of the cool hunters or head hunters group.  Find that person that everyone listens to and the word will spread through them.  Just made me think of class was all.

I have no idea half the things that this guy is talking about.  The few concepts I did pick up on I thought they were interesting.  Basically anything that I didn’t mention before I either A. didn’t understand or B. just thought what he was saying was of no interest.

He would go on a 5 sentence rant about something or a 1 sentence joke about another thing.  Things like Lizard brain and NOBS just made absolutely no sense to me.  I didn’t get what he was trying to say or how to even apply it to a concept that I would use.

Maybe I didn’t understand him because of these images?  Don’t judge a book by its cover; I would never have expected him to have several books out.

I think that it’s okay for this guy to assume that people have some background information on what he’s talking about but for the most part I think you need to have a clear understanding of everything before you sit and either listen to him or read his stuff.

Of the links I did follow, they lead me to one of his books.  Heck I can’t even understand half the little blurbs he has to say, what’s going to change in his books for me to understand chapters of his writing?

I swear I think he lost his marbles or something because some of his terminology is just ridiculous.  Lizard brain, meatball sundae, ululate, bootstrap, and H is for broken to name a few are just strange.  I was not expecting them to mean anything that was said.

Alright so I got to thinking if I took some of this stuff and used it in everyday life I could take artist, quitting, sneezer, and you.  These were the four that stood out to me the most because I could relate them to class more so than any other ones.

I guess though in a broader sense outside the class room though that I’d still be using artist and you on an everyday regularity.  In terms of what I want to go in when I graduate (HR) I can’t see how sneezer would apply.

Simply put I wouldn’t be the one trying to spread ideas, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be the cause of someone catching viruses and getting sick.  I don’t know it’s hard for me to really try and relate this stuff to anything when I don’t feel that I have a clear understanding of it all, or really any of it.

So instead I think I’ll try and apply them to a video game in a way that I think makes sense to me.  All 26 concepts to one game, Pacman; starting with the letter A.

Pacman up close, and Pacman playing his game.

The ghosts are the artist of the game Pacman.  If they weren’t there then Pacman would have no one stopping him from eating all the delicious dots and the jumping fruit.

Pacman is the bootstrapper.  He started eating all the dots and eventually he had ghosts attacking him and then his wife Mrs. Pacman joined him.  Through growth Pacman evolved into Mrs. Pacman as well.

Choice falls on Pacman, Mrs. Pacman, and the ghosts.  Now they all could have done their own thing and not bothered anyone but Pacman choose to eat the dots and fruit, the ghosts choose to attack him and Mrs. Pacman, and Mrs. Pacman choose to get in on the rewards of eating dots and fruit.

Mrs. Pacman chasing the ghosts.

Darwin falls on the ghosts.  They quickly evolved into scientifically being able to figure out Pacman’s and Mrs. Pacman’s next move through algorithms and math.  Had they not evolved into quickly figuring out the next move, they would be easily avoidable.

Once again the ghosts are the Edgecraft.  They are simply topping their original offer every time by saying if you can get past this level we will offer you a banana on the next level, while after the banana they are offering cherries.  They continue to offer you something better as long as you can beat them.

The free prize is the big white dots.  These little beauties let Mr. /Mrs. Pacman eat the ghosts for a change.

Mr. /Mrs. Pacman are the ones that need the go go go.  The anxiety of being eaten is often in the back of their circular heads because they are so busy eating and becoming bloated.

Pacman and the ghosts are broken.  They both have compromised with one another.  Pacman gets 3 lives while the ghosts can only be eaten 4 times in a game but they never loose.

Ideavirus are the ghosts.  Once they figure out that they can eat Mr. /Mrs. Pacman they continue to go after them until the game is over.

Just looking is Mr. /Mrs. Pacman.  They see the big white dots but they continue to wait until the ghosts are closer then they get them.  Sometimes the big white dots are the last dots to be eaten and don’t get to be used to their best ability.

Kindle is Mr. Pacman.  All he had to do was keep eating his white dots and not go after the fruit. Once he did the ghosts (fire) were on him.

Lizard brain is the ghosts.  They are angry, mad, etc at Pacman for eating their dots.

Meatball sundaes are the white dots, just the little ones.  They serve no purpose and don’t help Mr. /Mrs.Pacman.

NOBS for Pacman could fall under Mrs. Pacman.  She didn’t need to get into the same business as her husband, but she wanted her name out there for networking purposes, instead of going her own route.

The Orangutan is Mr. Pacman.  He’s just looking for the fruit.  If it’s not there he’s not going to go to the middle of the map anymore.

Permission falls on the ghosts.  Mr. Pacman in a sense gave them permission to come after him so long as he has a goal, and that’s to eat the dots and fruit.  Without the ghosts he serves no purpose.

Quitting is everyone one in the game.  They all quit their day jobs and are now living a life of eating dots and the Pacman family.

Remarkable is Pacman the game.  It has survived decades and generations of people but is still played.

Sneezer are those that continue to play the game and eventually pass on the information about the game to others or even the next generation.

Tribes are the ghosts and Mr. /Mrs. Pacman.  The ghosts formed their own tribe and so did the Pacmans.  They formed the tribes because they were attracted to one another.

Ululate is those playing the game.  When you win or lose there is a loud scream of victory or defeat.

Very good are those that are getting high scores in the game, simply put.

Xebec is what Pacman is not! It’s still around so it’s still got time.

You are the people the play Pacman.  The player makes the difference in how well Mr. /Mrs. Pacman do in the game.

Zoometry is the player of the game.  They learn what worked before and what didn’t work when they played last.  The strategy is always changing for players of the game.

Just for the heck of it play some Pacman ya’ll,

So even though I don’t really have a clear idea of what all of this means, putting it into video game sense made it somewhat easier for me.  Not entirely but for some of it it’s a little easier to understand.

All in all this guys stuff doesn’t make much sense to me.  I don’t care to read any of it and hope I don’t have to any time soon.

So with that this is Spencer, signing off.


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