Welcome Parents!!!

What is your greatest hope for your son?

He graduates —
He graduates with honors —
He grows up happy —
He is respected by his peers —
He continues the legacy which you’ve prepared him for —

What is your biggest fear for you son?

He skips class —
He gets hurt or in trouble with the law —
He’s disrespectful to others —
He abuses the opportunities that you’ve given him —

Let’s face it; college can be the fork in the road where hopes and fears meet. Short term pleasure and temptations often compete with path of opportunities and success.

Your list of hopes for your son probably didn’t include being a “frat guy”. Well it isn’t on the top of our list either. Being a “frat guy” is easy —but being a “fraternity man” is the road less traveled.

We realize that 18 to 22 year old males usually don’t need much guidance how to have fun —it comes naturally. But we do realize that leadership, morals, dealing with people, defining achievement all take a little more planning, thought, and guidance.

Sigma Nu is fortunate to offer its members the best leadership development program available to greek students. Sigma Nu’s LEAD Program, which stands for Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, Development, provides the tools for our members to develop the same leadership skills that most corporations offer to their top executives.

Don’t count Sigma Nu out of your son’s experience. Please take the time to research our values, history and mission. See if it aligns with your family’s values and your hopes for your son.


What your son WON’T experience

One of the biggest fears for parents is the thought of your son being hazed. We assure you that hazing is not part of the Sigma Nu experience. In fact, in 1869 when Sigma Nu was founding at the Virginia Military Institute the Fraternity was established in firm opposition to hazing and upon a strict honor principle. Instead we believe that our LEAD Program builds better men through interactive simulations, lectures, workshops, and mentoring to help them with their own personal dreams and ambitions.
See what the Lead Program has to offer each year your son is involved as a Sigma Nu:
First Year – LEAD PHASE I
Second Year – LEAD PHASE II
Fourth Year – LEAD PHASE IV