Category: Michael Anes (Faculty Co-author)

Jessica Kruer

Anes, M. D., & Kruer, J. L. (2004). Investigating Hemispheric Specialization in a Novel Face-Word Stroop Task. Brain and Language, 89(1), 136-141.

Abstract: We examined hemispheric specialization in a lateralized Stroop facial identification task. A 2 (presentation side: left or right visual field [LVF or RVF]) × 2 (picture emotion: happy or angry) × 3 (emotion of distractor word: happy, angry, or blank) factorial design placed the right hemispheric specialization for emotional expression processing and the left hemispheric specialization for verbal processing in conflict. Faces (from Ekman & Friesen, 1976) and emotion words were briefly displayed, and participants responded with keypresses corresponding to the picture emotion. As predicted, greater Stroop interference in identification accuracy was found with incongruent displays of facial expression in the LVF and emotion words in the RVF, and females exhibited less Stroop interference. Reaction times were moderated by emotion and visual field.

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