Category: Ronney Mourad (Faculty Co-author)

Kristopher Gauthier

Gauthier, K. J., Christopher, A. N., Walter, M. I., Mourad, R., & Marek, P. (2006). Religiosity, Religious Doubt, and the Need for Cognition: Their Interactive Relationship with Life Satisfaction. Journal of Happiness Studies, 7(2), 139-154.

Abstract: Previous research has found a consistent, negative relationship between holding religious doubts & mental well-being, & a small positive relationship between religiosity & mental well-being. To assess the interrelationship between religious doubt, religiosity, & need for cognition on life satisfaction, a survey was administered to an almost exclusively Christian sample of 192 Americans drawn from undergraduates & alumni of a small mid-western college, undergraduates from a small south-eastern college, & several churches from the metro-Detroit area. Zero-order correlations revealed relationships between religiosity & life satisfaction, as well as religious doubt & life satisfaction. Hierarchical multiple regression analyses revealed that the three-way interaction of religiosity, religious doubt, & the need for cognition was predictive of life satisfaction. Significant two-way interactions also emerged for both gender & religiosity, & gender & religious doubt as predictors of life satisfaction. Based upon these findings, counseling applications are discussed, & the importance of probing for interactions in research on religious influences on well-being is espoused.

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