Must Haves for College Move In

Wesley Room

Hello all!

Move-in is just around the corner, which means everyone is probably packing. So I came up with a list of things that people tend to forget about in the hectic process of moving from home to school. Most of these items are normal items from around the house that we don’t think about not being readily available. Either that, or they are items that we’ve never needed before coming to college.

Can opener 

When I went shopping in preparation for my first year of college, I bought a bunch of canned food that would be readily accessible to eat in the event that I didn’t feel like going to Baldwin for food. However, I didn’t consider the fact that a can opener is necessary for opening most cans. So, be sure to include a can opener in your packing list if you’re stocking up on canned food for the semester.

Trash bags (Pro-tip: Store your grocery bags)

You could go pick up special trash bags that fit inside of your little trash can, OR you could save money and collect old grocery bags, which fit into the trash can just as well. Either option is fine.


The air in dorms tends to become somewhat dry in fall and winter. To avoid all of the trouble that results from a dry room, I suggest investing in a humidifier. It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy.


The dorms are pretty hot for the first few weeks of school. You may think that you won’t need a fan, but from personal experience I can tell you that you will. One year I even went out and purchased a second fan in an effort to cool my room down!

Flip Flops for the shower

Everyone has probably already packed their supplies for the shower; the shower caddy, the shampoo and conditioner, the soap, etc. You should also remember to bring flip flops for those community bathrooms/showers. You never know what you could be stepping on! Protect your feet.

Bottles that will fit in your mini-fridge

These can be used water bottles, or reusable bottles, just be sure that they fit in your fridge. (Pro-tip: Use these to stock up on pop and juice from the cafeteria instead of buying it from the store.)


You don’t necessarily need a lamp, but if you are easily bothered by fluorescent lights, you are going to want one. The main source of light for all of the dorms is fluorescent, so if you’re prone to headaches, I recommend investing in some sort of alternative light.

Your favorite snack food from home. 

We all get homesick. Be sure to pack yourself some type of comfort food that will remind you of home.

I hope that at least one of these items is helpful for each of you in your packing endeavors! Can’t wait to see you around on campus. If you’re a First Year, welcome to Albion! It’s going to be a great year.

Io Triumphe!



Two seconds. I dare you.

That’s how long it will take before a smile spreads across your face so big, you feel like you’re kissing your high school sweetheart at junior prom all over again. It’s how long until you realize Albion is not dead.

They play in a restored theater. It was paid for with grant money and heralded as the comeback of the city. But everyone knew it wasn’t. It was a shell, and the fear in the back of everyone’s mind was that unless they filled it, it would remain just that.


But tonight as that smile spreads on your face, you know that Albion is not dead because Albion still has soul. The house knows it. They’re an unusual bunch. You see two of your college friends across the aisle, and also the the photographer who’s at all of the city council meetings and wears the same sweaters as your grandma. There’s a man with curled hair and a mustache that keeps walking in and out of the show from the bar across the street- you know this because you just saw him there before you arrived. They all tap their toes as they eat home-cooked BBQ. It’s electric.

The birdman on the harmonica knows it. He flaps his arms as he bashfully digs into his instrument. The man on bass knows it. He’s humble about it though, and only takes one solo. The guitarist and the drummer both know it, and are content letting their instruments do the comping for them. The beer-loving Methodist pastor on the keys knows it, it’s religion after all. But the man who knows it the most is the guitarist you’ve nicknamed Old Blue. He wears a company polo and stands slightly off center. He’s good and he knows it, but doesn’t need anyone to tell him.

To me, he is Albion, those huddled masses that have never been and never will be tired or poor, because the flame is alive in him. You know this, because as the set finishes and the crowd cheers he just smiles to himself and laughs. His friend in the audience stands and shouts and the man in blue just shakes his head, laughs, and says, “You see what you made me do?”

Albion is going to be just fine.

Farewell Seniors

For the satisfaction of your reading experience, please press play.

Dear Seniors, With barely a week left of our year, and your undergraduate experience, I decided to write a blog post on behalf of the rest of us. I know that we have a lot of dedicated Harry Potter fans throughout our student body, so I figured why not give you guys and gals the proper farewell you deserve. It’s my third year at Albion, and I feel like I’ve gained a pretty good understanding of what senior year is like (feel free to let me know if I’m wrong). Take a break from studying from your final finals, and take a gander at your senior year described by Harry Potter.

So.. your senior year began in August, and all of your profs were like: 

Of course, you knew what the year was going to be composed of. After all, you’d learned from the example of past years: 

Each of you came across that one stranger who thought they knew more than you, and your response was probably: 

And then you discovered that person was a freshman:

Just as every senior class before you, when you were asked how you felt about being a senior, your reply was probably something along the lines of: 

Some days you were like:

(Albion is Hogwarts, we all know it.)

Other days, you weren’t so affectionate: 

Obviously it was difficult to dedicate yourself to classes when you were so close to being done, but at least you didn’t try to hide it when profs asked you questions in class. Your answer was always prepared well in advance: 

Don’t worry… Professors here understood your mixed emotions, and they definitely knew how to deliver sass back whenever it was delivered to them:

And when things got out of hand, they snapped everyone back into place:

You all have that friend that went off the radar for a “night,” and when they finally came back, you were like:                                                                                                                        

And then they told you where they were…:

But if we’re being honest with ourselves here, you had at least one of those nights too. Your explanation was probably somewhere along the lines of:

The year continued on, and so did classes. Most of the time, you were either like:


As graduation grew closer and closer, you were asked where you were going to go when you had to leave our home. Your response differed day-to-day.

On the bad days:

On the good days:

And you bonded with your fellow seniors over the latter response:

Now finals are upon us:

Which means graduation is VERY soon:

Some of you don’t feel ready:

Some of you keep those people in check:

Regardless of how you’re feeling about graduation, take these words of advice from some of my favorite characters: 

Dear Seniors, We lift our wands to you.

You will be remembered, and you will be missed. Next year, juniors will become seniors, and the process will begin all over again. We will all eventually go through our own senior years, and we kind of know what to expect because of you: 

Please remember that you’re always invited to come back and visit.

Once a Brit, always a Brit. Albion will always be here to welcome you home.

Io Triumphe.

Student Spotlight: Bailey Judson


Name: Bailey Judson

Major: Communication Studies

Minor: Religious Studies

Student Activities/Organizations: Kappa Alpha Theta, Order of Omega, Gamma Sigma Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Union Board, Lambda Pi Eta, FYE Mentor, Albion Associate in the CPO office.

theta 1

So you’re from Traverse City, how did you hear about Albion and end up coming here?

I am a fourth generation Albion College student, so Albion is kind of ingrained in my blood. I was determined to go some place for a while but I just realized that Albion felt right, it was one of those things you cannot explain you just know.

What is the aspect of Albion you have come to love the most?

I have come to love the opportunities and how people are always looking out for you. I guarantee that I would not have all the opportunities that I have had here at any other institution. It is a place that if you are looking to accomplish something people are happy to help you get there.

What advice would you give to a prospective student?

I think I would say to go somewhere you feel at home or at peace. There is something about Albion that when you step on to campus you can feel the fit is right. And everyone here loves Albion, and you can tell we are not just a campus we are a community. Find the place where you fit and we can only hope it is Albion.

cherry fest 1

How do you feel Albion has done in preparing you for your future career?

I think Albion has done a great job preparing me, because I do not have a clear path at this time. Everything that I have done at Albion has helped me find out what things I am passionate about, taught me how to be a leader, taught me how to think. Albion has taught me how to accomplish anything I go after.

Speaking of future careers, you’re a senior, what are you plans of career goals?

Currently I am looking at moving out to the Washington D.C. area, and applying to hospitality and marketing jobs.

Student Profile: Holly Pyper

Holly Pyper is a junior from Rochester Hills, FullSizeRenderMI. She is studying business through the Gerstacker Institute, Spanish, and communication studies. Holly loves practicing yoga in her free time. She is also very passionate about the extra curricular activities in which she participates. She is very involved in Albion’s Panhellenic Council, Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Sigma Pi, and Albion College’s Office of Admission.

Why did you pick Albion?

I picked Albion because it felt like home. It’s a home that challenges me and pushes me. It empowers me to be the best person I can be, but it does so in a supportive way.

Are you happy with the decision you made?

I’m beyond thrilled with my decision, and even that’s an understatement.IMG_3692

What do you love about Albion?

I love that I am Holly Pyper, not student number 002012221. I love that I have people who believe in me and remind me of the light and potential I have when I have forgotten to believe in myself. I love that I am overwhelmed with opportunities, from studying abroad, to internships, to classes, to extracurricular activities.

How has Albion provided you with a hands-on experience?

Where do I even begin? I’ve had hands-on experience in the classes, both in Robinson and Noisey, France. I have had work experience in project management, event planning, and so much more. I have had hands-on experience in learning from mentors. I’ve had experience in making friends – and they will last a lifetime.IMG_3754

What are your plans after Albion? What are your goals?

After Albion I am going to be successful and happy.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself that you think Albion has instilled in you?

Albion has made me confident and ambitious in everything I do. I now know that I am capable. I owe so much to this institution. I’m beyond thankful.

Student Spotlight: Sydney Roeder

Sydney Roeder


Sydney is a sophomore from Midland, Michigan. She is an anthropology and international studies double major with a concentration in the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service.

Sydney is actively involved on campus through her various clubs and organization. She is a member of the Delta Gamma sorority, where this semester she served as director of Anchor Splash — helping to coordinate the sorority’s main fundraising event. She is a part of the Ford Institute, as well as the Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program. She also is a member of the Student Volunteer Bureau.


Sydney’s hands-on experience here at Albion comes from her work with her favorite professor, Dr. Allison Harnish. This year, Sydney worked with Dr. Harnish as her research assistant. Specifically, Sydney spent lots of time and work on a bibliography section for an environmental anthropology textbook. Sydney’s name will be published as a contributor when the textbook is released.

Sydney has also taken up the role as the leader for the Greek Life Bible Study, a group on campus open to any members of any Greek organization that meets weekly to reflect on scripture passages. (As someone who has attended myself, I can personally say that Sydney creates a warm and inviting atmosphere while also leading the group with confidence through faith.)

Sydney says leading this group has challenged her to go outside of her comfort zone in ways she never thought she would while connecting with others on campus through faith. She has become a better leader and says its one of the best things she has experienced.

Why Albion?

Sydney answered this question with pure and raw enthusiasm: she said she loves Albion so much because of the amazing professors here on campus. She said that through her work with Dr. Harnish in addition to other enriching classes she has taken in the past few semesters, she has gained a sense of community that she wouldn’t be able to experience elsewhere. Whether through a close relationship with a professor, or just being able to walk around campus and say hello to everyone you see, Albion College gives Sydney a sense of community every day.

Sydney used the same reason to encourage others to choose Albion.

“You will create opportunities here,” she said.

And creating she is! Next year for both semesters, Sydney will be studying abroad in Jordan at the Princess Sumaya School of Technology, studying mostly Arabic but also some Anthropology/cultural classes. In the spring she hopes to attain an internship at either the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) or NGO, a non-governmental organization. 

Student Spotlight: Kallyn Conley

Kallyn 5

Kallyn Conley is a junior at Albion College, with a major in psychology and minor in English. She is from Grosse Pointe, Michigan. She is the current president of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, and a First Year Mentor as well. Kallyn enjoys canoeing in the Kalamazoo River, and she relaxes by watching Netflix. She is a good friend of mine, which is why I chose to make her the star of this student spotlight.

The answers to the questions provided are direct quotes from Kallyn.

Why did you pick Albion College?

I picked Albion because I wanted a small school. I get overwhelmed easily, and thought I would get lost in the crowd at a big school. Albion was the first school I toured when I was a junior in high school, and I loved it!  So after humoring my parents with other schools, I committed to Albion.  I felt “right” on campus and I felt like I could see myself going here.

Volunteering for Kids Against Hunger

Kallyn 2

What do you love about Albion College?

I love how Albion is different from other schools.  We’re a small school where you pretty much know everybody, but you meet new people all the time. It’s really weird that way.  Like, I just found out someone who I thought was in the grade above me is in the grade below me, and now we’re really good friends!  Also our Greek life is way different than at other schools.  I think 50% of our campus is Greek, which makes us an even more tight knit group of people.  We are always participating in each other’s events and socializing with other Greek organizations.  Being the president of my sorority gives me a whole new perspective on Greek life and how wonderful it is at Albion.

Kallyn 1

Kallyn 6

What has been your favorite hands-on experience? 

My favorite thing I have been involved in is being a First Year Mentor. This year was my first year doing it, and I loved it.  I personally had a hard time transitioning into being a college student, which I think made this job even more satisfying. It didn’t even feel like a job, which made it really fun. I got to be a part of the first years’ first moments in college. I was able to be that familiar face on campus and give them a smile when they needed it.  I also was lucky enough to go on a trip to the big island of Hawaii with my first year class.  That was the most incredible experience of my time in college. It was really amazing that Albion could give me the opportunity to go on the trip and give my mentees a really awesome send off into their second semester of college! I loved being a mentor and will be one next year as a senior!

Kallyn and her Mentees in Hawaii over winter break!

Kallyn and her Mentees in Hawaii over winter break!

What do you want to do when you graduate?

I want to maybe take a year off and travel a bit around the country or to Europe!  That’s my dream. My reality might be a little different, though, because I want to find a teaching job in a high school somewhere and teach psychology!

All of the First Year Mentors from this year

All of the First Year Mentors from this year

What are your dreams for the future?

My dreams for the future…

Aren’t mapped out.  I don’t want to focus on the future.  I just want to live as much as I can and as happily as I can while I still have the time!

Kallyn 4

Why should a perspective student choose Albion College?

You should pick Albion because it’s like no school you will ever find!  Teachers open their houses to students for dinners, and to babysit their kids! You will really get a hands-on experience here. The president frequently walks around campus and really takes an interest in the things us as students do. The personal flair of Albion College really comes out when you go here, I have no regrets about my choice to come to Albion.

Promoting Through Social Media

Andy Boyan’s Social Media class is at it again! We are having a second training session that will be hosted by the other half of our class. The event is a win-win for everyone involved; those who attend will receive training in a field that will help them more successfully reach students, and the students who host the event will gain experience in training groups of people through teaching what they have learned.

The session is focussed on social media training for local businesses and organizations. Our goal is to teach people how to promote themselves to the student body of Albion College. All who are interested are welcome to attend!

Why you should attend:                                                                                                 Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter allow for many unique opportunities for businesses and organizations to increase awareness of their products and services.

The event is Wednesday, April 22, from 10:30-11:35AM.

We will be meeting in Olin Hall, which is located on the quad across from the library (just in case anyone isn’t familiar with Albion College’s campus locations). You’ll find us in room 112!

Come learn how to use social media to connect with the students of Albion College through the words and knowledge from the students of Albion College.

Hope to see you there!

Sororities Can Be Weird


At this picture you might ask, what in the world is going on here? Why are those humans wrapped up like presents on Christmas morning? What is the occasion? Aren’t they uncomfortable in there?

Well, since I am one of those people, I can tell you that yes, it was uncomfortable, but I can also tell you that waiting in that wrapping paper for about 20 minutes until was unwrapped by my little was was worth it. This strange activity in greek life is called “big/little reveal” and it is when a new member’s “big sister” is revealed to her after a week long of anonymous gifts — usually given to her by dancing, shirtless college boys who sing or read poetry to her.

So, it’s a weird thing, giving a girl you barely know gifts all week, then waiting for 15-ish minutes in a bundle of wrapping paper for her to “open” you. But seeing the smile on her face afterwards is something that makes this weird part of a sorority so worthwhile.

We have weird traditions, and from the outside looking in it is hard to understand. But from the inside looking out, it is hard to imagine my life at college without being part of a Greek organization.

My Greek Experience


Recently in the news and other media sources, Greek Life on college campuses has been given an extremely bad reputation, many rightfully so. However, I want to give you my take on Greek Life at Albion, for it is far more than just a group of friends to hang out with on the weekends. Having been a member of Delta Tau Delta Social Fraternity for the past two years and loving every second of it, I thought it was time to give a sort of “exposé” on Greek Life at Albion College, for it truly is a very positive group to be a part of.

At Albion, nearly 50% of the students on Albion’s campus are members of Greek Life. Albion is home to six national social fraternities and five national social sororities. Because such a large number of the students on campus are Greek, Greek Life has become a major aspect of the school’s social atmosphere, including Greek Week, mock rock, Anchorsplash, etc. As an extremely social person, I wondered, before arriving at Albion, how my social life would be affected.

I’m sure you can imagine what Greek Life looked like for me coming to Albion freshman year. Here I am, a young gay man whose only experience with Greek Life is from what I have seen in the media and in semi-inappropriate movies. I never thought that I would EVER have a place in Greek Life; boy was I wrong.

When it came time for fraternities to hand out bids to potential pledges, I received not only one bid, but two! I couldn’t believe it. It was at that moment that I realized that these guys didn’t care about my sexuality; they wanted to welcome me into their brotherhood for who I was as a person.

Fast-forward two years. I am now in my junior year at Albion. I am no longer a pre-vet major, but instead a communication studies major. My grades have continued to increase every single semester since I joined Delta Tau Delta. Last semester, while I was away in Philly, my fraternity brothers each pitched in to buy me a bus ticket home because I was so severely homesick, not for my home in St. Clair, Michigan, but my home at Delta Tau Delta. Just last week, I was elected Lyreman of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. Lyreman is a sort of honorary member of the sorority, and I couldn’t be more honored.

People may think that Greek Life is what they see in the media or in movies such as Neighbors, but I can assure you that that is not the case at Albion College. I couldn’t be more proud to be a member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, or a member of Greek Life on Albion’s campus.


photo(35)When I was a little girl I wanted to grow up and play college tennis. I picked up my first tennis racket at the age of four and the game has held a very special place in my heart since then. When it was time for me to actively start looking at college and universities there was no doubt in my mind that I would be playing a sport while attending college.

Since I had dedicated myself to tennis and was very passionate about the game, I received several offers to play in different states ranging from Division 1 to Division 3. I was very overwhelmed on where to go and which school to choose. I cannot believe I made my college decision three years ago and am beyond happy that I reminded myself what being a student-athlete really is.

To me, being a student-athlete means putting your studies before your sport, acing that exam before you hit that ace on the tennis court. It means taking what you learned in the classroom and using it to excel on the field or court. Being a student-athlete at Albion College has allowed me to grow into a better version of myself and I feel that it is an invaluable experience.

‘Gay’ Is Not An Insult

In the beginning of the semester, I came back to my room and noticed this little note of affection. Obviously, I know the anonymous message was not left with positive intent, but the only thought I had was, “Did someone really think this would insult me?”

The Only Thing That Upset Me About This: Someone Thought It Was An Insult

The Only Thing That Made Me Sad About This: Someone Thought It Was An Insult

Of all the actual insults they could have used, they chose a word that represents a group of people? I’m only insulted by the fact this person had no original creativity in their words. No zest. So basic.

So I drew a little heart next to their “insult,” and left my name tag on my door. People approached me various times and asked if I had seen what happened. When I responded with, “yes of course I have to look at it to get into my room,” they all asked a variety of questions.

Why wasn’t I upset?

Why didn’t I take it down?

Who did I think would write such a thing on my name tag?

Wasn’t that word a little inappropriate to keep up on my name tag?


As an RA, one of my responsibilities is to be an example for other people and teach lessons through my actions. I answered all of their questions.

“Gay” isn’t an insult.

“Gay” isn’t an insult.

Who did it doesn’t matter, because their opinions of me don’t matter. Especially if they are foolish enough to think that “gay” is an insult.

“Gay” isn’t a “bad word.” So, no. The name tag isn’t inappropriate.



Okay, okay. This statement may seem obvious, but really think about it. When someone’s intentions are purely to cause aggravation, they take pleasure out of every ounce of rebound that comes their way.

In other words:

when the person who gets called gay is offended,

when people push back against the offender and tell them they are wrong,

when the offender gets attention through any irritated response,

they get what they wanted.

When you are in a situation where someone uses the term “gay” as an insult, don’t get insulted. I mean it. Part of the problem is that we still respond to the word “gay” as if it were an insult. We can’t get insulted and aggravated by the use of a word that we claim isn’t insulting.

I’ve used that name tag every time I’ve been on-call this semester to show the author of the anonymous message that I’m not offended. Yes, making a point to put the name tag up on my door does acknowledge anonymous’s attempt of offense, but they may have thought that I was embarrassed or insulted if I threw it away (which is not what I want).

When someone tries to offensively use the word “gay”:

Let them know you heard their attempt, without actually saying you heard them and without telling them they’re wrong.

Let them realize you’re blatantly ignoring their ignorance and that their words have no impact.

And the purposefully offensive people, being the children they are, will run to the next action that will give them the attention they desperately crave.

Gay was once an adjective used solely to describe something lighthearted and carefree. Be just that. 

Send in the Boards

Now that the pavement, which we used to stroll upon months ago, is visible and clear, people can finally breakout the skateboards, longboards, banana boards, surfboards….okay well maybe not surfboards, but you get my point.

The students of Albion’s campus are starting to cruise around and “shred” the streets once more as if they’re finally free from the chains of winter. Being an avid longboarder myself, I am one of those who are beyond excited to get back on my board carve through the smooth streets at Hannah and Cass.

Boarding is truly a fun activity that gives you thrills and chills and can become quite addicting! Theres something about gliding through campus that gives you a whole new look at what’s around you. You get a truly new perspective on the scenery of where you go to school. It’s a somewhat inspiring experience, that everyone can and should try. So next time you are thinking of walking to class, reach over and grab your board instead…see if a cruise will point your day in the right direction!


Our Rock Has Been Struck

Dear… Whoever You Are,

You’ve made our precious, holy rock quite holey (insert ba-dum-chh sound here). I’m not writing this post to shame you, nor am I writing it to glorify your actions. Your violence toward our rock was obviously intentional. Perhaps you had a chip on your shoulder (insert another ba-dum-chh sound here).

Whatever your reasoning was, it’s clear you wanted to provoke aggravated chaos. I, for one, am not giving you that satisfaction.


Layers of Albion College’s History

Dear Fellow Brits,                                                                                                           Cease all of the guessing games, “Whoever You Are” doesn’t matter. We’ve been trying to fill in the open wounds on our rock with blame, but now is our chance to view our history in a way that has never been possible.

Look at all of the layers that had to be fought through.

Look at the different colors that molded together throughout time.

Look at how beautiful the layers of our history are. (#NoFilter)

Look at how the student organizations of our campus have repeatedly contributed to the enamel shell that shields the heart of our campus.

Realize the white underneath the layers is most likely another layer of paint.

We, Albion College Brits, do not go down without a fight.

We, Albion College Brits, mold into one entity through growing together.

We, Albion College Brits, are students and alumni alike. Once a Brit, always a Brit.

We, Albion College Brits, are devoted to our campus in various ways, and the combination of each individual is what strengthens and defines Albion College.

Know who we are is deeper and more impactful than any superficial bash that is thrown at us.

(No, Whoever You Are, I’m not condoning your actions. You’re foolish.)

“Whoever You Are” will eventually be forgotten, and there will be more individuals of their kind that will hit us with their best shot…

Our Rock: The Heart of Our Campus

Our Rock: The Heart of Our Campus

…And our rock will remain concrete. Io Triumphe. 


Meet Me at the Coffee Shop

The smell of freshly roasted coffee beans fills the air like a perfume freshly sprayed throughout the room. The sounds of chatter, playful banter, and intellectual conversation resonate in ones ear. The tumultuous yet somehow perfectly ordered design aesthetic of shop is inviting and exciting to newcomers as well as the repeated regulars.

Jackson Coffee Co., a roaster/brewer and coffee shop, have been in the business of “liquid gold” since September 2006. With few locations spread around Jackson, MI, Jackson Coffee Co. has become a true gem and local favorite. Since their inception, they have climbed the ranks in the coffee shop world with much haste.

Their website goes on to mentions such accolades as “In 2007, 2008, and 2009 we won awards for ‘Best Coffee House’ in Jackson. We have won every year since opening, beating out the likes of Biggby Coffee, three Starbucks, Bearclaw Coffee, three Tim Hortons, Dunkin Donuts, and 5 other independent coffee houses.”

It’s not just about the coffee at Jackson Coffee Co., its also about a strong sense of community and bringing the people together. With activities such as live music on Friday nights to weekly book club meetings to the group of students studying for their exams, there’s always something going on at the shop.

The next time you are in the mood for some quality java, skip the big brand stores and cruise on over to the one place where the staff is a good as the coffee and you won’t be disappointed. I promise that if you go once, you’ll be looking forward to your return.

Below are a few images of the Downtown Jackson 201 S. Mechanic St. location:

(Photo Credit: Zach Francis)



The Not-So-Offical Albion Senior Bucket List

During your four years as a Brit you are always involved in either something academically, athletically, extracurricularly, job-related, or all of the above. All of these things can easily take up all of your time, and then some, leaving no room to explore what else is out there. With that said, here’s a bucket list to check off the things that you may have missed out on during your time at Albion…and now’s your chance to do them before you graduate! Albion Senior Bucket List 

  • Sing karaoke at Relli’s on a Monday night
  • Go see a movie at the Bohm
  • Canoe down the K-Zoo river
  • Paint the Rock
  • Go to every restaurant in downtown Albion
  • Walk through the Nature Center
  • Disc golf at Victory Park
  • Get mentioned/retweetd by the Albion College Twitter account
  • Pull an all-nighter during exam week in the library
  • Hang out with a professor outside of class
  • Get a pic with Brit
  • Go see a campus guest lecturer or speaker
  • Go sledding on “The Hill”
  • Chow-down on a Kellogg Wrap

Whether or not you complete one or all of these by the time you graduate, you’re still a Brit through and through and you always will be!

Taught to Train

One of my favorite things about Albion College has always been the way we are challenged to learn through experience. Students on this campus are not taught what to think, but how to think, and how to teach others to do the same.We’re given subject materials and are asked to our demonstrate understanding of it in a way that we will be able to use in the future (running a theoretical/real campaign, professional presentations, making a change on the campus community as a class, etc.)

I am taking Social Media with Andy Boyan this semester, and he presented my class with the challenging assignment of  hosting a training session during our class period two times in the semester. The class was split in half, and I was assigned to group one. We had to brainstorm ideas for what population we wanted to reach, and what we wanted to train them on. We decided the training should be for anybody that wants to learn something from what we know, and we came up with a few topics that would be informative for every individual in such a large population of interest. We figured that most individuals could use training with the topic of professionally using social media, and we decided our subject reached out especially to graduating seniors who are searching for a job.

The world is continuously increasing in connectivity due to the internet, and students need to understand how social media is used by businesses if they desire to reach their full potential in their careers. After planning what subject we wanted to cover and who our audience was going to be, we began planning the training session: Social Media Appropriateness and Professionalism for Job Security. The event is taking place in Olin 112 this Friday, February 27th from 10:30am-11:30am. Representatives from Comm 215 (Social Media) will be providing a variety of training, including a LinkedIn briefing and a Twitter briefing, to individuals who come. We have done our very best to ensure the training session will be valuable to the people who attend. There are going to be different activities about a few different topics.

By covering a wide range of topics, our hope is that every person learns at least one new thing. We want to use what we have learned in Andy’s class, and supply other people with a solid foundation of understanding regarding the subject of professionalism in social media so their thoughts can continue to develop after the experience they have during training. If anyone is interested in attending, they definitely should! This is a free opportunity to learn new skills and develop a clearer understanding of social media’s relationship with employment.

Again, the session is this Friday, February 27th, from 10:30am-11:30am. We hope, for the benefit of others, that they come to Olin 112 to learn new skills and / or develop an awareness of how to professionally use social media: this is a topic most people could always improve on, and we want to help them learn how.

Hope to see you there!

Humanities Lab: #1

For the first time ever in Albion College history, four classes have come together to partake in what is now known as a Humanities Lab. There are two versions of this lab this semester, but I am in the one that is focused on learning about the outdoors and how humankind had to at one point, survive and live off of the land. I am in a class called “French Louisiana: Cajun and Creole Experiences,” taught by Dianne Guenin-Lelle. The other classes combined with mine for the Humanities Lab are Brad Chase’s “Ancient Civilizations,” Nels Christensen’s “Wild Things: The Literature of Wilderness and the Wild,” and Clatyon Parr’s “Briton Singers.”

What do these classes have to do with one another? I wondered the same thing. When we all came together, though, I can see how we all seemed to be studying similar ideas. From one direction or another, we are all approaching the study of how humans interact with the world around us, specifically early settlers moving to wild or foreign lands.

During this lab we did a lot of hands-on activities. After an introduction to the day’s schedule by Nels Christensen, we started with a trek out into the Nature Center where we looked for “food signs.” This could be anything from animal prints to animal poop. We documented what we found, and noted that if we needed to, we could track that animal down for dinner. (Luckily Baldwin was right up the street, so there was no need for that.)

Next we gathered back at the front of the nature center around a fire pit where listened and watched as Brad Chase made a sort of berry cobbler over the open flame. He told us that if had we actually been out there hunting for dinner and come back unsuccessful, we would have to eat something to survive. That something was a mixture of fruit, nuts, corn meal, and maple syrup boiled in a pot.

After we ate the savory, warm concoction, we escaped the cold and sat inside as we listened to the Briton Singers perform a piece that high lighted the loneliness that early settlers of foreign lands may have experienced. We ended with Dianne Guenin-Lelle’s presentation about the early settling of Louisiana.

This lab was about two and a half hours long, but it was surprisingly very fun and enjoyable. I felt like I had traveled back in time rather than simply walking a half mile to the Nature Center. I learned a lot and I cannot wait for our next lab.

Maggie: The Therapy Dog

For me, It has gotten to that point in the semester where all I want to do is head home and cuddle up with my family and puppy dog and watch movies by the fire without any worries. Unfortunately, it has also gotten to the point in the semester where course material is picking up  and tennis season is in full swing.

Although my family does not live too far away, I am still unable to pack up and head home to cuddle with my pup as frequently as I would like.

Enter, Maggie the Therapy Dog.
Maggie and her owner Stacey visit campus on the 2nd and 4th weekend of each month from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm in the Kellogg Center to bring smiles and love to the students of Albion College, made possible by Student Health Services.

I have gotten to pet Maggie many times, and she has brightened my day on many occasions when I could use a smile from a furry friend. IMG_4571

Mauri in Memes

A few memes that I put together in honor of President Ditzler. He’s a dynamic leader, a passionate Briton, but most of all he’s Mauri Ditzler…the president of our fine institution. Here’s his presidency explained by memes: