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25 Days of Gratitude (As Told By Food Puns) 0

25 Days of Gratitude (As Told By Food Puns)

Your first act of gratitude can be accepting my puns
The holidays are right around the corner, and you know what that means? Lights, big snowflakes, hot chocolate, cozy pajamas, meals with endless courses, and holiday cheer.
All of these things lend positivity and warmth to the coming season, but they come at the cost of […]

End of Semester W.O.E.S 0

End of Semester W.O.E.S

Can you BEAR the thought of the semester coming to an end?
You may be feeling a lot of emotions as the semester comes to a close: sad to be leaving your friends, excited to go home and see your family, relieved that final exams are over, or terrified that you’re one step closer to […]


Everything Happens For A Reason, Even Rejection.

Re•jec•tion: “the dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc” or “the spurning of a person’s affections”
We’ve all felt it before. Whether it had to do with school, friends, significant others,   not getting into the school play, or getting a starting position on a sports team, we’ve all encountered rejection at one point or […]


My College Love Affair

Greetings, friends!
Due to this being my first post, I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself before I delve into the topic of this post. My name is Madi Kase and I’m currently a junior at Albion College. I’m originally from Boise, Idaho, but for the past three years I’ve called Michigan home. […]


Why an 8 a.m. Class is a Blessing and a Curse

Most college students who talked to high school seniors tell them that no matter what you do, avoid 8 a.m. classes. After hearing stories of dreadful morning classes where students had to drag themselves out of bed, I had a pretty bad image in my head of what they were like. But being in high […]


I Try to Be Superwoman, but Reality is Humbling.

One of the greatest advantages of being an Albion College student is the opportunity to involve yourself in all the clubs and organizations on campus. Being a part of an organization on campus allows yourself to be opened up to so many new people and new opportunities, it would be a big mistake if you […]


Why Time Flies in College

Everyone who has experienced college always told me: “Enjoy college, they’re the best years of your life” and, “I wish I could go back”. Last year as a freshman, I didn’t really understand why my older sisters and friends were preaching this to me. At one point in my first semester at Albion, I had […]


Fall Excitement

Fall is a great time of year. But as an Albion College baseball player, it is even more exciting this fall. Once on campus, we have a couple of weeks to get back in the swing of college life, and then it’s time for fall ball. And with the construction of the new Davis Athletic […]


Team #1 to Team #42

Being a part of the Albion College Volleyball Program has allowed me to meet many wonderful people over the past year, but nothing will ever top our experience in Anderson, Indiana. Three weeks ago we had our first tournament at Anderson University. After two full days of game play and successfully earning our first four wins of […]


Try New Things

As a senior, normally your place at college or university is pretty set in stone. You have one core friend group, one or two favorite professors, and you’ve finally figured out your major (hopefully). For me, it was also identifying with my sports team: Cross Country. When that came to an end in early November, […]


“What Are Your Plans After Graduation?”

“What Are Your Plans After Graduation?”:
The Worst Question You Can Ask A Second Semester College Senior
The saying time flies when you’re having fun should be the slogan for every college across the country. College truly has been the best four years of my life and as it comes to a close in May, I am […]


On why smaller is Better


Selfie Style in front of the restaurant “El Azteco” in Detroit’s Mexican Town with my spanish class and the department’s teaching assistants Blanca and Laura.

Eating Chinese food in Jackson family style, as it is traditionally eaten and best eaten (as I  discovered) with my international studies class. Deliciousness.
Albion constantly emphasizes their professor-to-student ratio, and quite […]


Albion in Photos


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I love photography. It’s one of my favorite things to do, not only because I find the act of taking pictures to be both exciting and relaxing, but also because each time I photograph, […]


5 TV Shows you should Binge Watch over Winter Break

We all know that our main motivation for finishing our finals in the next few days is to be able to be lazy once again. We feel like it has been ages since we had a day to do absolutely nothing.
Trust me, I get it. I’m an over-involved Albion student as well. What I am […]


Grey’s Anatomy Explains the 10 Phases of Finals

If you’re anything like me, the experience of finals is pretty much the same every year. From your first year to your last, the emotional unraveling process is generally the same for us all. It probably looks something like this:
Phase 1: You know finals are a couple weeks away. You know it is going to […]


Senior Athletes: This isn’t the end.

As fall sports come to an end this month, Albion athletes must cope with the blank spaces in their schedules from the absence of practices and games. This lack of activity can be especially devastating because, for many, it marks the end of their athletic career.
As a graduating athlete myself, I thought it would be relevant to […]


Shout Out to Baldwin

The saying is definitely true: you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. If somebody told me at the end of last year, “you’re going to miss having a meal plan next semester,” I would have laughed. It’s no secret that most students don’t exactly have an all-loving relationship with Baldwin when they are […]


D3 Swimming: One Big Happy Family

As I have stated in previous blog posts, this is my last year at Albion. Of all the groups and organizations I have been involved in Delta Tau Delta, Union Board, FYE Mentor, Residential Assistant, Interfraternity Council, just to name a few… The Albion Swimming & Diving team has been, by far, my most valuable […]



Anyone who knows me knows I love taking pictures. Whether nature, people, or in this case, animals, I’m there. This week, Union Board sponsored an event where students could play with exotic animals for the afternoon. From tarantulas, to foxes, to even alligators, I had a pretty eventful afternoon photographing both my peers and these […]