Student Spotlight: Cara Delaney

Cara Delaney, class of 2014, is a math major from Plymouth, MI. She has minors in physics and art with a secondary education concentration. I sat down with her to get her perspective on life as a Brit. This is what she said:

Why did you pick Albion?

I picked Albion for the glitter in the envelope. I know that they don’t do it any more but when I got my acceptance letter to Albion there was purple and gold confetti inside. As I opened my letter, and those little colored stars fell to my feet, I knew that Albion was the school for me. It reaffirmed what I already thought – that Albion was a fun and exciting place – a place that I wanted to be.  I remember visiting and I had a really great tour. I remember seeing the football field and even though I don’t particularly like sports I pictured what it would look like in the fall at one of the games. It felt good. It seemed good, seemed right. I could feel what it would be like to be there and that’s when I knew Albion was the right place for me. I knew it would be the college experience that I always wanted.

What do you love about Albion?

The people. I love saying hi to people between classes and seeing my friends all the time. I also genuinely enjoy my classes. I like having them in so many different disciplines. I learn a lot of really cool stuff and I like figuring out how all of the diverse subjects connect to each other. Each class I take changes my way of thinking a little bit and I think that’s really cool.

What do you want to do when you graduate?

**Sigh** Everything, I want to do everything…too many things. **Another sigh** I like the idea of being in graduate school…of still being in school and still learning. But I change my mind everyday. I would like to travel. I want to see the different ways people live around the world. I want to be exposed to new and different things. I want my ideas to be challenged even more. Maybe I’ll go to graduate school in another country. I don’t know. Can we move on the the next question please?

What are you involved in?

Ha. Literally everything. No, not quite but I say yes to way too many things. Saying yes all the time makes my life super fun. I am a part of community service groups. I’m in the Greek system. I’m in the interfaith group on campus. I’m a first-year mentor…that one is probably the best…being a mentor. I really like the first year students. Who am I kidding? I love the first year students. I always think about what it was like to be a first year. Really, it wasn’t all that long ago, but sometimes it feels like it was because of how much I have grown and changed. I love the potential that they have and I love being a part of their experiences at Albion.

(Above is a picture of Cara and some of her first-year students in October 2012 on their hiking trip in the Appalachian Mountains.)

If someone was considering Albion, why would you tell them to pick Albion instead of somewhere else?

I think we are really a community at this school. No one else I have ever talked to at any other college or university talks about it being a community. I feel like I’m part of something at Albion. We’re all here together. It’s small, and it challenges you, but it supports you. I really just can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Random: What do you do on a Saturday night?

Wow. Saturday nights. Crazy stuff with my roommates – that’s what I do. The best moments in college are the random crazy times and I think my roommate and I really exemplify that. Were always running around laughing and screaming, doing ridiculous things. Whether it’s a last minute decision to go to a movie in Marshall or just going Union Board events together we always have so much fun. Once we laughed so hard that she peed her pants. That’s probably too much information but we often cry from laughing so hard. Then we cry from how much we love each other. I am able to be completely myself around her, and she accepts me for all the craziness that I am. She is exactly what I pictured a college roommate would be.

What did you picture your roommate would be like? How does she fit that?

I always imagined coming to college and finding my best friend and that’s what my roommate is. She’s the one who’s going to be in all the stories I tell when I am old. We are just completely at home when we are together and we click on such an awesome level. We can go from throwing palm trees down the stairs at people to having serious heart to heart conversations in a matter of minutes. We support each other. We stay up late talking, share our fears and our dreams with each other, and are generally obnoxious in the best way possible.

Any final thoughts?

I really love Albion.


Tsiporah Davis graduated from Albion in May of 2014 and is now employed as the Director of Marketing and Communications for a Metro-Detroit non-profit foundation serving children and adults with special needs. Tsiporah majored in Religious Studies at Albion and had a minor in Business Management from the Gerstacker Institute. She also took many Communications classes and was very involved while on campus.

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