Just One More

As a student here at Albion one of my biggest complaints has always been about the Administration and the poor visibility of key college administrative figures. Typically, when we complain the college listens. We complained about the food so we got a new food service provider. Then got a new library, cafeteria, football field, and much more. Yet, none of this fixed what I saw to be the biggest problem.

What I really want is for the college to be the community that I know it can be and I’ve been looking to the administration for years to be the ones who set the stage. I’ve heard stories about past presidents who were always on the Quad, engaging with students and really being a part of the campus culture. Unfortunately, during my first three years here those were mostly just stories. This year though, this year is different.

Right when we got to campus this year we noticed a change, yet none of us really knew what it was. All we saw was posters and signs around campus saying, “Just one more.” Just one more what? One more homework assignment? One more long night of studying? One more cheesy college slogan to try to amp up school spirit? None of us knew.

Turns out, we (the students) weren’t really supposed to know. The signs weren’t meant for us. The signs were the start of a campaign by Interim President, Mike Frandsen, pushing staff, faculty, Administration, and the Board of Trustees to be more involved in student programs and activities. The idea is, “go to just one more event,” one more than you usually would. Go to a basketball game, orchestra concert, Umbrella event, or anything else. We don’t care what it is, just go to it. Push yourself to be more involved and supportive of student initiatives. Of course, eventually it spread to students too.

We too are going to more events to support each other and are overall making our Albion community that much closer and close knit.

Personally, I think it’s one of the best things I’ve seen the administration here do in a long time. We don’t want a half melted ice rink on the Quad, we want to experience the community that we came here for. Whoever the next President is, I say to you, take a note from Mike’s handbook; he’s got the right idea. We want a president who walks their dog around campus, whose wife bakes cookies for the marching band. We want a president who talks to students and makes us proud when we see them on the news. We want a president who holds pizza parties for all of campus, tweets at us, and brings us all together.

Search committee, I hope you’re reading this, because this is what we want in our next president…someone who does “Just One More.”


Tsiporah Davis graduated from Albion in May of 2014 and is now employed as the Director of Marketing and Communications for a Metro-Detroit non-profit foundation serving children and adults with special needs. Tsiporah majored in Religious Studies at Albion and had a minor in Business Management from the Gerstacker Institute. She also took many Communications classes and was very involved while on campus.

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