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During my time at Albion College, I’ve written 839 pages worth of papers. This number takes into account the (on average) 4 classes I took during each of my 6 semesters at Albion, in addition to my (now-completed) 55 page thesis. This number does not include essays written for exams or group projects.

That seems like a lot of paper writing, but when compared to my entire undergraduate career, it’s actually not. Those 839 pages account for 12,585 minutes (or 209.75 hours) over the past three years that I’ve spent writing papers. Of the 967,680 minutes (or 16,128 hours) I’ve spent at Albion College, less than 1.3% of that time has been spent writing papers. (If you take out sleeping hours, that number only increases to 1.7%.)

Comparing that to the time spent in a seat in a physical classroom during my time at Albion is kind of crazy. I averaged 16 hours a week in class, or 1,536 hours over the course of my Albion career (92,160 minutes). This amounts to just 9.5% of the total time I spent at college. (If you take out sleeping hours, that number only increases to 12.7%.)

So what do all of these numbers mean? The Albion experience really isn’t about the classroom at all, since over 85% of the things I learned at college were learned outside of the classroom/homework.

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Between working at H&R Block, going to class, spending time with friends, and working on campus, I am one of the busiest Albion College students I know. However, writing for Golden Opportunities is one of my favorite parts about being at Albion. I am also involved in Omicron Delta Kappa, the Senior Class Gift Committee, Albion College Student Senate, Intervarsity, WLBN, and the Albion College Conservatives here on campus. I'm a senior this year, graduating class of 2014. I’m a Media and Marketing Management major with concentrations in Gerstacker and Honors. I’m from Lexington, Michigan, have 9 brothers and sisters, and I love every minute of my life here at Albion.

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