Student Spotlight: Bailey Judson


Name: Bailey Judson

Major: Communication Studies

Minor: Religious Studies

Student Activities/Organizations: Kappa Alpha Theta, Order of Omega, Gamma Sigma Alpha, Omicron Delta Kappa, Union Board, Lambda Pi Eta, FYE Mentor, Albion Associate in the CPO office.

theta 1

So you’re from Traverse City, how did you hear about Albion and end up coming here?

I am a fourth generation Albion College student, so Albion is kind of ingrained in my blood. I was determined to go some place for a while but I just realized that Albion felt right, it was one of those things you cannot explain you just know.

What is the aspect of Albion you have come to love the most?

I have come to love the opportunities and how people are always looking out for you. I guarantee that I would not have all the opportunities that I have had here at any other institution. It is a place that if you are looking to accomplish something people are happy to help you get there.

What advice would you give to a prospective student?

I think I would say to go somewhere you feel at home or at peace. There is something about Albion that when you step on to campus you can feel the fit is right. And everyone here loves Albion, and you can tell we are not just a campus we are a community. Find the place where you fit and we can only hope it is Albion.

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How do you feel Albion has done in preparing you for your future career?

I think Albion has done a great job preparing me, because I do not have a clear path at this time. Everything that I have done at Albion has helped me find out what things I am passionate about, taught me how to be a leader, taught me how to think. Albion has taught me how to accomplish anything I go after.

Speaking of future careers, you’re a senior, what are you plans of career goals?

Currently I am looking at moving out to the Washington D.C. area, and applying to hospitality and marketing jobs.

Student Profile: Holly Pyper

Holly Pyper is a junior from Rochester Hills, FullSizeRenderMI. She is studying business through the Gerstacker Institute, Spanish, and communication studies. Holly loves practicing yoga in her free time. She is also very passionate about the extra curricular activities in which she participates. She is very involved in Albion’s Panhellenic Council, Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Sigma Pi, and Albion College’s Office of Admission.

Why did you pick Albion?

I picked Albion because it felt like home. It’s a home that challenges me and pushes me. It empowers me to be the best person I can be, but it does so in a supportive way.

Are you happy with the decision you made?

I’m beyond thrilled with my decision, and even that’s an understatement.IMG_3692

What do you love about Albion?

I love that I am Holly Pyper, not student number 002012221. I love that I have people who believe in me and remind me of the light and potential I have when I have forgotten to believe in myself. I love that I am overwhelmed with opportunities, from studying abroad, to internships, to classes, to extracurricular activities.

How has Albion provided you with a hands-on experience?

Where do I even begin? I’ve had hands-on experience in the classes, both in Robinson and Noisey, France. I have had work experience in project management, event planning, and so much more. I have had hands-on experience in learning from mentors. I’ve had experience in making friends – and they will last a lifetime.IMG_3754

What are your plans after Albion? What are your goals?

After Albion I am going to be successful and happy.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself that you think Albion has instilled in you?

Albion has made me confident and ambitious in everything I do. I now know that I am capable. I owe so much to this institution. I’m beyond thankful.

Student Spotlight: Sydney Roeder

Sydney Roeder


Sydney is a sophomore from Midland, Michigan. She is an anthropology and international studies double major with a concentration in the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service.

Sydney is actively involved on campus through her various clubs and organization. She is a member of the Delta Gamma sorority, where this semester she served as director of Anchor Splash — helping to coordinate the sorority’s main fundraising event. She is a part of the Ford Institute, as well as the Prentiss M. Brown Honors Program. She also is a member of the Student Volunteer Bureau.


Sydney’s hands-on experience here at Albion comes from her work with her favorite professor, Dr. Allison Harnish. This year, Sydney worked with Dr. Harnish as her research assistant. Specifically, Sydney spent lots of time and work on a bibliography section for an environmental anthropology textbook. Sydney’s name will be published as a contributor when the textbook is released.

Sydney has also taken up the role as the leader for the Greek Life Bible Study, a group on campus open to any members of any Greek organization that meets weekly to reflect on scripture passages. (As someone who has attended myself, I can personally say that Sydney creates a warm and inviting atmosphere while also leading the group with confidence through faith.)

Sydney says leading this group has challenged her to go outside of her comfort zone in ways she never thought she would while connecting with others on campus through faith. She has become a better leader and says its one of the best things she has experienced.

Why Albion?

Sydney answered this question with pure and raw enthusiasm: she said she loves Albion so much because of the amazing professors here on campus. She said that through her work with Dr. Harnish in addition to other enriching classes she has taken in the past few semesters, she has gained a sense of community that she wouldn’t be able to experience elsewhere. Whether through a close relationship with a professor, or just being able to walk around campus and say hello to everyone you see, Albion College gives Sydney a sense of community every day.

Sydney used the same reason to encourage others to choose Albion.

“You will create opportunities here,” she said.

And creating she is! Next year for both semesters, Sydney will be studying abroad in Jordan at the Princess Sumaya School of Technology, studying mostly Arabic but also some Anthropology/cultural classes. In the spring she hopes to attain an internship at either the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) or NGO, a non-governmental organization. 

Student Spotlight: Kallyn Conley

Kallyn 5

Kallyn Conley is a junior at Albion College, with a major in psychology and minor in English. She is from Grosse Pointe, Michigan. She is the current president of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, and a First Year Mentor as well. Kallyn enjoys canoeing in the Kalamazoo River, and she relaxes by watching Netflix. She is a good friend of mine, which is why I chose to make her the star of this student spotlight.

The answers to the questions provided are direct quotes from Kallyn.

Why did you pick Albion College?

I picked Albion because I wanted a small school. I get overwhelmed easily, and thought I would get lost in the crowd at a big school. Albion was the first school I toured when I was a junior in high school, and I loved it!  So after humoring my parents with other schools, I committed to Albion.  I felt “right” on campus and I felt like I could see myself going here.

Volunteering for Kids Against Hunger

Kallyn 2

What do you love about Albion College?

I love how Albion is different from other schools.  We’re a small school where you pretty much know everybody, but you meet new people all the time. It’s really weird that way.  Like, I just found out someone who I thought was in the grade above me is in the grade below me, and now we’re really good friends!  Also our Greek life is way different than at other schools.  I think 50% of our campus is Greek, which makes us an even more tight knit group of people.  We are always participating in each other’s events and socializing with other Greek organizations.  Being the president of my sorority gives me a whole new perspective on Greek life and how wonderful it is at Albion.

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Kallyn 6

What has been your favorite hands-on experience? 

My favorite thing I have been involved in is being a First Year Mentor. This year was my first year doing it, and I loved it.  I personally had a hard time transitioning into being a college student, which I think made this job even more satisfying. It didn’t even feel like a job, which made it really fun. I got to be a part of the first years’ first moments in college. I was able to be that familiar face on campus and give them a smile when they needed it.  I also was lucky enough to go on a trip to the big island of Hawaii with my first year class.  That was the most incredible experience of my time in college. It was really amazing that Albion could give me the opportunity to go on the trip and give my mentees a really awesome send off into their second semester of college! I loved being a mentor and will be one next year as a senior!

Kallyn and her Mentees in Hawaii over winter break!

Kallyn and her Mentees in Hawaii over winter break!

What do you want to do when you graduate?

I want to maybe take a year off and travel a bit around the country or to Europe!  That’s my dream. My reality might be a little different, though, because I want to find a teaching job in a high school somewhere and teach psychology!

All of the First Year Mentors from this year

All of the First Year Mentors from this year

What are your dreams for the future?

My dreams for the future…

Aren’t mapped out.  I don’t want to focus on the future.  I just want to live as much as I can and as happily as I can while I still have the time!

Kallyn 4

Why should a perspective student choose Albion College?

You should pick Albion because it’s like no school you will ever find!  Teachers open their houses to students for dinners, and to babysit their kids! You will really get a hands-on experience here. The president frequently walks around campus and really takes an interest in the things us as students do. The personal flair of Albion College really comes out when you go here, I have no regrets about my choice to come to Albion.

Student Spotlight: Alex Bowman

Alex Bowman is a junior majoring in Economics & Management from Jackson, Michigan.

Why did you pick Albion?

I picked Albion because it has an excellent academic reputation. Several of my high school classmates had connections with the campus. I also did not want to pick a large university and just be a small fish in a big pond.

What do you love about Albion?

Meeting one on one with my professors is one thing I truly love about Albion. As a freshman, I enjoyed having class at Wes Dick’s home where he treated us like family. I doubt that many students at other universities have had the same experience. You develop very close relationships with your respected professors and administrators at Albion College.

What are you involved in outside of the classroom?

Outside of the classroom I am the President of Delta Sigma Phi fraternity, Alpha Tau Chapter. Greek life has opened many doors with all of the networking that encompasses Greek life. I also regularly volunteer at the American Legion Post #29 in my hometown of Jackson, MI. Everyone on this campus is involved in extracurricular activities from sports, Greek life, and other clubs.

Anchor SplashWhat do you want to do when you graduate?

I am not one hundred percent sure what I want to do when I graduate, however I am keeping my options open. With a double major in Economics & Management and History I have several routes I can choose. However, this summer I am interning at Automated Logistics Systems in Jackson, MI. Assuming that goes well, I may pursue a career in logistics and/or go to graduate school for Logistics or Supply Chain Management.  Albion College really prepares its students for graduate level schooling if one wants to go that route. I have also seriously considered joining the Air Force or Navy Officer Candidate School. Public service and civil duty runs in my family, and I want to give back to others as opposed to filling my bank accounts. Overall, the main goal is to be happy and have a successful work life balance.

Why should someone pick Albion over another school?

A young man or woman should choose Albion over another school because Albion provides opportunities that are at the forefront of their fields. Without a doubt, some of my peers from this college will become doctors, lawyers, businessmen, or successful chemists. Albion College provides its students with a well-rounded and adaptable education that will ensure success in a continually progressing world.

Relay For Life


-Kevin Markey ’13

Student Spotlight: Brian Weiss

Brian, from Livonia, MI, is a force on campus. He is known for his quirky sense of humor, funky bow-ties, and for being very involved. He studies Psychology and Philosophy while also having a concentration in the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service. He is a senior and will truly be missed after he graduates in May.

Really, there is no one quite like Brian Weiss. Many have said that his life should be a reality TV show…I know I would watch it!

Why did you pick Albion?

Well, I am a transfer student and I was at a big state school. I didn’t like the size of that institution. I wanted a more intimate setting for my education. I chose Albion because of my interview with Al Pheley, the Director of the Ford Institute. I knew I would get such incredible opportunities through the Ford Institute, and the college as a whole. Plus, the small atmosphere here is free of distractions, which I appreciate.

What do you love about Albion?

I love that Albion really is its own school. It’s not like any other school and it doesn’t try to be. It’s unique, like its students, and we like it that way. A good example is the Greek life. Here it is totally different then it is at other schools. Also, Albion’s not just a smaller campus, it’s a community. I have been to other small schools and they don’t have the same vibe and connection as we do. We attract and retain a certain personality type, both in faculty and students,  in the fact that we are such a close community. The truth of the matter is that if being a part of an active community is not for you, then Albion really isn’t for you. That’s not to say that we only attract one personality type, it’s just that we are all open to contributing and we want students who are open to that too. One thing is for sure, four years here will make you more comfortable being exactly who you are.

Any one who knows you knows that you have a very distinct and exciting personality. You’re known as at true character on campus. How do you think that Albion has shaped that in you?

Oh man. Probably by pushing me to be an active part of my community.  Albion’s unique environment encourages individuals to explore themselves and makes them comfortable pushing themselves, in order to best develop into themselves.

You have have been involved with a lot on campus. What is your favorite thing that you have been involved in?

My fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon, attracts some of the most religiously affiliated and traditionally-minded individuals, as well as the most liberal and secular members of campus. Yet, somehow, we all find a way to live together — and even further, call each other best friends. It’s a bond that is stronger then anything else that you  could find, even though you might not expect it.

What do you want to do when you graduate?

Currently I’m looking at community service programs in Detroit. I have made connections with City Year Detroit, Focus Hope, Cass Community Social Services, and Greening of Detroit – all great organizations that contribute to the growth and development of the city. I made these connections through ties at Albion, and my whole passion for working in the inner city came from my involvement in a program at Albion called the Sleight Leadership Fellows Program.

Finish this sentence: My dreams for the future…

…incorporate the passion that was instilled in me by the inspirational people who I learn from and work with Albion College. (Yeah, stick that on a hallmark card!)

If someone was considering Albion, why would you tell them to pick Albion instead of somewhere else?

I encourage people to choose Albion because the experience does not encourage you to sit latently in your dorm. You get soaked into a social atmosphere. It encourages you to take hold of you academic experience and to build it in very individual ways. You construct yourself around that experience and it makes you a more mature and well rounded person. Io Triumphe!

To see more of Brian check out Albion’s Gangnam Style Parody: YouTube Preview Image

Student Spotlight: Daniel Warshauer

Dan Warshauer is a Geology major from Indianapolis, Indiana. He is also pursuing a minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with an Environmental Science concentration. Dan is a senior, to graduate this May, and he loves all things that are totally dangerous. Whether racing cars or climbing glaciers, he is as unique as he is daring.

Why did you pick Albion?

I wanted to go to a small school, out of state, and I wanted to go some place that would have snow; I love snow and ice. I knew Michigan would be good and the first time I stepped foot on Albion’s campus it just kind of felt like a home.

What do you love about Albion?

I love that I have gotten the opportunities to do some amazing things. I have had the most incredible experiences. I got the chance to do research on a glacier in Alaska and have been involved heavily with the theatre department where I stage managed and designed lighting for shows. I have also gotten to work with the interfaith movement at the college and threw that I have created a very strong group of friends.

What do you want to do when you graduate?

I want to combine my education as a geologist with my experience as an outdoor mountaineer guide to do work in managing and writing science expositions through the wilderness.

That sounds pretty cool but why?

I love mountaineering. Climbing a mountain is such a thrill. You go to the top of mountains covered in snow and they are the most uninhabited and dangerous places in the world. Being out in the snow and elements, on a mountain, you know you are in a place where few people go. But there is so much potential for science there – there’s so much to understand – and I just love exploring that. I guess you can say I am kind of a daredevil, who loves the adventure of it, paired with a scientist who wants to understand how our earth works.

I love being outdoors and being outside.

If someone was considering Albion, why would you tell them to pick Albion instead of somewhere else?

Because they will get the chance to work with professors in a very close manner and learn from actually doing the thing that they are studying. It’s not just sitting in the classroom, it’s totally hands on, out in the field, experiencing their education.

Student Spotlight: Leah Saurman

Leah is a junior at Albion from Caledonia, Michigan. An English major, with an Elementary Education concentration, she loves dancing like a fool, hanging out with friends, taking goofy pictures, and playing tennis. She is incredibly sarcastic and  the most outgoing person I have ever met.

Why did you pick Albion?

For a few reasons. First, I really liked the education program. I liked the faculty that I met when I visited and I liked that it was such a highly respected program. I also liked the small class sizes. I know I would get a really personalized education and that I would be a face and not a number. I also really liked the fact that I would be able to be on the tennis team but still be able to focus on my academics.

What are you involved in on campus?

I am a member of Kappa Alpha Theta which I love. I can’t really explain it but it’s so great to have so many people on my side, always. My sisters support me so much and I have such an incredible relationships with them. I am on the women’s tennis team, too, and I enjoy the fact that I get to pursue a passion that I have had my whole life while being at college. The tennis team is like my family away from home. Oh, I am in the Student Alumni Association, too, which connects students with alumni and keep the alumni updated and involved with campus. Our goal is to promote school spirit and keep strong ties with people who have already graduated.

What do you love about Albion?

I love the experiences that I have had since I came here but the best part is the friendships that I have made.  I feel like I came here freshman year and instantly bonded with the people who are my best friends now. Not only that, but I made friendships with all types of people. I have friends in so many different clubs, sports, and majors across campus –  I really like getting to know such a diverse range of students. Also, I love the professors that I have had and the classes that I’m taking.

What do you want to do when you graduate?

I want to be a teacher. I want to be a teacher for little kids and I literally cannot wait until that day comes. It’s all I can think about every day of every week. I have such a passion and fire for teaching young children and I want to help them find their own passion in life. I really like kindergarten through second grade because that is the essential age to get kids engaged in school. If they don’t get a good experience there they are going to hate school, and I want to start them off right in their education.

If someone was considering Albion, why would you tell them to pick Albion instead of somewhere else?

I think the class size is a big thing. Student life is also great. All the clubs, organizations, and events make it impossible to be bored. The academics are rigorous but you know that when you graduate you will be fully prepared. You don’t get a fluff education here. You get something real, that you worked hard for, and that you can do something with. It’s a really good degree that you can be proud of.

Student Spotlight: Isaac Veysey-White

Isaac is a Biology and Spanish double major from Quincy, Michigan. He is a senior who does all kinds of really awesome things on campus – he is pretty much saving the world, but that’s kind of typical for Albion’s students.

Why did you pick Albion?

I picked Albion because I was really impressed by the science departments. I came here twice for visits and thought that the facilities were really nice. For such a small school it’s really well equipped. I also thought that everyone was really nice. People made me feel welcome and I could tell that the professors genuinely cared about the students. I liked that it was a small school and I liked the feel of the campus and the community.

What do you love about Albion now that you’re here?

My professors are always available when I need help, they know me by name. Even professors who I had three years ago still know who I am. Also, it’s a pretty close-nit community and I really enjoy that. And because it is aliberal arts college, I get to do things outside of my majors, like ceramics. I have taken 6 ceramics classes. They are so fun and different and they relax me. I make functional things like bowls, mugs, and vases. I like making stuff that I can use and I like using stuff that I have made.

What do you want to do when you graduate?

I am going on to get a masters degree in biology. I’ll probably be at Western Michigan University but I haven’t committed yet. My end goal is to be a research scientist.

Are you writing a thesis?

Yeah. I am studying a bacteria that causes the disease River Blindness in humans. It infects a tropical parasite that gets into the body. Then, when the parasite dies, the bacteria is released and causes tissue damage. Right now, I am studying it in fruit flies because they are a good model for human genetics, and they reproduce quickly. Also, they are cheap. I want to continue studying these parasites because the more we understand the bacteria and the disease, the better chance we have to treat it.

So your basically your curing diseases and saving lives?

* Shrugs * Probably not me, but I like that it has such a broad reach and has the potential to help people. It effects 66% of all insects in the world and we study it in these organisms to better understand its effects on a global scale.

What are you involved in on campus (when you’re not saving people from disease ridden parasites)?

I’m an RA (Resident Assistant) and I run cross country and track. Also, I am in The Global Medical Brigades Organization which is an international service group for undergrad and graduate students to help bring resources to villages in developing countries – such as health care, clean water, etc.

So where did you go for Global Medical Brigades?

When I went on the trip we went to Coyolito, Honduras to set up a clinic. We hired doctors and helped with translating and triage stuff. We ran the clinic while the doctors saw and treated patients. It was very rewarding and it was an chance for me to use my Spanish outside of the classroom. The people were so grateful and so happy that we were there. They all lived in mud huts but they would put on there Sunday best because they were so excited that we came to their village. We also went to an orphanage and got to play with the kids which was fun.

How is it being an RA?

It’s good. It helps pay the bills but it also builds really strong leadership skills. Plus, I like being in the position to help build communities. I have some really funny stories too from being an RA.

You also said that you were an athlete here at Albion. What’s that like? 

For me it has been really good. I run but on our team you don’t really have to be good in order to matter. As long as you put in the work you can be a part of the team and the coaches understand that academics come first – I really appreciated that.


If someone was considering Albion, why would you tell them to pick Albion instead of somewhere else?

Because it really is a great community.

Student Spotlight: Lesley Lloyd

If you have to know anything about Lesley you have to know that she is hilarious. She is loud, she is crazy, and she is awesome. She comes from Imlay City, Michigan, and is a junior. She is a double major in communication studies and religious studies. She is a huge social media junkie and can be followed / will follow you on anything and everything.

Why did you pick Albion?

Haha. Well, I picked Albion because when I was a child my brother went here, and so I was always here visiting him. One time, Dr. Mitchell, the former president of Albion, was talking to my parents (I was probably like 6 at the time) and he kneeled down, looked at me, and asked if I was going to come to Albion. At the time I kind of just nodded my head and smiled – having no idea that 14 years later it would really come true! Really though, Albion is home. There isn’t anywhere else I could picture myself. There isn’t anywhere else I would want to be.

What do you love about Albion? 

I love that Albion is personal – that’s really the basis of it. Its small and intimate. I always feel engaged here. I love that the professors know what they are talking about and they love what they are talking about. It makes you love it – even if it’s not what you want to do with your life – it makes you want to learn.

What’s your favorite thing to do on campus?

Sleep. Seriously. College students never sleep. Mostly though, I just love being random and spontaneous because that’s what college is all about. I love causing ruckus with my house mates! We go to Union Board events and just run around town at 2 am. We sit in our living room and read tarot cards, throw trees around, catch bats, and just do silly things in general. Really we are all just really big children. We scream about Harry Potter and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches just for the heck of it. Any night of the week you have no idea what’s going to happen in our house and I love it. Often, I just perch at the top of the stairs and watch things unfold.

What do you want to do when you graduate?

Here we go. Okay. I want to be a social media marketing professional. I had this epiphany at the beginning of this semester and it just clicked. I’m so excited about it. Oh my gosh, I can’t even explain how passionate I am when it comes to that kind of stuff. Basically, I love the dreams, visions, and passions of other people. I love to help others and support them in all of their ambitions. I just want to be a supporter and promoter of people and their goals. I want to help people achieve in their lives and use communication to do it.

If someone was considering Albion, why would you tell them to pick Albion instead of somewhere else?

I think that Albion gives you a chance to be undecided – about life, about education, about everything. Then, even when you do decide, you can change your mind. It gives you a chance to grow and you make relationships with the faculty and staff who love what they do. They inspire you so much to just find what you love to do and to go after it. Oh, and we have a great mentor program! When you’re a new student here there are upperclassmen who take you under their wing to transition you in. I think that the program really makes first-year students feel welcome and accepted.

Student Spotlight: John Fleming, ’14

John Fleming, ’14, is a political science and communication studies double major involved in just about everything on campus here at Albion.

Fall 2012 semester was no piece of political cake for John Fleming. From June 1st to November 12th, he was running State Representative Patrick Somerville’s campaign. Living back on the island of Grosse Ile, he ran a staff of more than 10 people, fundraising, attending events, and completing other necessary campaign-related tasks. At the start of the campaign, he was sleeping four hours a night and by campaign’s end, that number was down to 1-2 hours per night. After Representative Somerville won and was sworn in to office, John looked forward to returning to campus, getting eight hours of sleep a night, resting, and enjoying a social life. In all reality, John doesn’t handle not being busy well and he delved back into his more-than-busy Albion College life this semester. I was lucky enough to catch him while he was working at the Kellogg Center front desk to talk about what life is like as an Albion student on and off campus. This is what he said:

Why did you pick Albion?

I picked Albion because I wanted a small, liberal arts experience and a school that valued personal contact/interaction with its student.

What do you want to do when you graduate?

I want to go on to get my Masters in Public Policy from the Ford School at the University of Michigan and then return to my home state house district (District 23) and run for office in 2016.

What are you involved in?

I am involved in (and treasurer of) all three
theatre organizations on campus (Albion
College Players, Dead Pinocchio Theatre, Theta Alpha Phi), I served as President of the Beta Iota chapter of Phi Mu Alpha (PMA) Sinfonia this past year, and will be serving as Collegiate Province Representative (the highest position in the Fraternity in the State of Michigan) for the 2013-2014 school year. I am actively involved in Michigan Republican Party politics, through my experience as campaign manager last fall and my work in the legislature the last three years. (When John isn’t plugging away at his TI-84, he’s also working over 40 hours a week, both on campus and at Best Buy in Jackson, MI. He also serves as a mentor to Gerald R. Ford Institute freshman students and his two PMA “littles.”  The Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service is one of John’s greatest passions at Albion College, where he serves on the Ford Council, is a Ford Institute office worker, and helps plan the Sleight Leadership Fellows program. He attended the Sleight program in 2012 as a participant, again in 2013 as a mentor, and is already helping to plan the 2014 program.)

What are you up to this summer? 

Since managing a winning campaign last fall, I have had three full-time job offers and four internship offers, all in Lansing, MI or Washington, D.C. I plan to spend my summer in D.C. as an intern on the Hill as I prepare for graduate school applications in the fall.

What do you think prospective students need to know about Albion?

At Albion, you will receive personal attention from faculty and staff that will allow you to do and accomplish things over your four years here that you would not be able to at other schools.  While Albion may be expensive on paper, the opportunities and experiences it will afford you simply cannot be beat by any other school.  If you are looking for a personalized, liberal arts collegiate experience, look no further than Albion.

1: John Fleming at a Phi Mu Alpha event
2: Zach Kribs, John Fleming, and Peter Verhaeghe (John’s PMA littles)

Student Spotlight: Cara Delaney

Cara Delaney, class of 2014, is a math major from Plymouth, MI. She has minors in physics and art with a secondary education concentration. I sat down with her to get her perspective on life as a Brit. This is what she said:

Why did you pick Albion?

I picked Albion for the glitter in the envelope. I know that they don’t do it any more but when I got my acceptance letter to Albion there was purple and gold confetti inside. As I opened my letter, and those little colored stars fell to my feet, I knew that Albion was the school for me. It reaffirmed what I already thought – that Albion was a fun and exciting place – a place that I wanted to be.  I remember visiting and I had a really great tour. I remember seeing the football field and even though I don’t particularly like sports I pictured what it would look like in the fall at one of the games. It felt good. It seemed good, seemed right. I could feel what it would be like to be there and that’s when I knew Albion was the right place for me. I knew it would be the college experience that I always wanted.

What do you love about Albion?

The people. I love saying hi to people between classes and seeing my friends all the time. I also genuinely enjoy my classes. I like having them in so many different disciplines. I learn a lot of really cool stuff and I like figuring out how all of the diverse subjects connect to each other. Each class I take changes my way of thinking a little bit and I think that’s really cool.

What do you want to do when you graduate?

**Sigh** Everything, I want to do everything…too many things. **Another sigh** I like the idea of being in graduate school…of still being in school and still learning. But I change my mind everyday. I would like to travel. I want to see the different ways people live around the world. I want to be exposed to new and different things. I want my ideas to be challenged even more. Maybe I’ll go to graduate school in another country. I don’t know. Can we move on the the next question please?

What are you involved in?

Ha. Literally everything. No, not quite but I say yes to way too many things. Saying yes all the time makes my life super fun. I am a part of community service groups. I’m in the Greek system. I’m in the interfaith group on campus. I’m a first-year mentor…that one is probably the best…being a mentor. I really like the first year students. Who am I kidding? I love the first year students. I always think about what it was like to be a first year. Really, it wasn’t all that long ago, but sometimes it feels like it was because of how much I have grown and changed. I love the potential that they have and I love being a part of their experiences at Albion.

(Above is a picture of Cara and some of her first-year students in October 2012 on their hiking trip in the Appalachian Mountains.)

If someone was considering Albion, why would you tell them to pick Albion instead of somewhere else?

I think we are really a community at this school. No one else I have ever talked to at any other college or university talks about it being a community. I feel like I’m part of something at Albion. We’re all here together. It’s small, and it challenges you, but it supports you. I really just can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Random: What do you do on a Saturday night?

Wow. Saturday nights. Crazy stuff with my roommates – that’s what I do. The best moments in college are the random crazy times and I think my roommate and I really exemplify that. Were always running around laughing and screaming, doing ridiculous things. Whether it’s a last minute decision to go to a movie in Marshall or just going Union Board events together we always have so much fun. Once we laughed so hard that she peed her pants. That’s probably too much information but we often cry from laughing so hard. Then we cry from how much we love each other. I am able to be completely myself around her, and she accepts me for all the craziness that I am. She is exactly what I pictured a college roommate would be.

What did you picture your roommate would be like? How does she fit that?

I always imagined coming to college and finding my best friend and that’s what my roommate is. She’s the one who’s going to be in all the stories I tell when I am old. We are just completely at home when we are together and we click on such an awesome level. We can go from throwing palm trees down the stairs at people to having serious heart to heart conversations in a matter of minutes. We support each other. We stay up late talking, share our fears and our dreams with each other, and are generally obnoxious in the best way possible.

Any final thoughts?

I really love Albion.