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Contact for Appropriations Officers:

Tracey Howard, Advisor to Appropriations Committee

The SAF Guidelines

The Appropriations Committee of the Albion College Student Senate sets forth guidelines concerning the disbursement of the Student Activity Fee of Albion College to recognized student organizations. Senate’s first and foremost concern is optimizing the Student Activity Fee by promoting programming that includes all aspects of the College and greater Albion community. The Senate is committed to promoting programming that is educational, culturally enriching, entertaining, and beneficial to the organization that oversees its implementation.

The SAF Financial Report

The Appropriations Committee of the Albion College Student Senate sets forth in this document the guidelines that governed the Student Activity Fee Financial Report. The report includes the breakdown of the Student Activity Fee, general data on all student organizations who receive funding from Senate, and data on the Appropriations Committee itself. Through this financial report the Albion College Student Senate brings transparency to the student body in regards to how the Student Activity Fee has been distributed and used.

Budget Workshop Presentation

The Appropriations Committee presented an overview of the budgeting process at the Club and Organization meeting at the beginning of the semester.

Budget Request Forms         

Fall 2016 Budget-and-Funding-Request-Packet (Includes all four components below)

Appropriation Forms