Last night was a blast;  I went to the Culture Night, which is Tübingen’s version of the Long Night of Museums in Stuttgart. There’s a lot of stuff to do all around the city center (and you can walk to most of it!)

We started off with some open-air concerts, including a percussion ensemble like Midland’s Resonators. There was a really interesting tour of the paleontology museum (it made me remember how much I used to like dinosaurs) and a display of Lotte Reiniger’s cutout animations from the 1920s. We also saw short films, including this one. You don’t need to know French to get it!

Finally, at midnight, we went along on a tour called “Eerie Tübingen,” which is analogous to the “Ghastly Mackinac” tours I gave at Fort Mackinac last year: a chance for the tour guides to talk about gruesome stuff like executions, disease, and murder. It was a great time and this time I could stay out as late as I wanted, not worrying about having to take a train home.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! Sorry that this post is shorter than usual but I hope you’re having a great day!

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  1. Mom says:

    Your mother appreciates your well wishes. Glad you enjoyed your night out! Now get some sleep!

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