My plan to watch Munich play in the Champions League Finale today unfortunately fell through. Too many factors turned out not to work: our plans to stay in a friend’s apartment because all the hotels were booked, finding a public viewing was tough, and then two of our group canceled this week. I’ve decided that I put off going to Munich until a day when I can take time and enjoy the whole city.

But an even better trip is in the works: to Zadar, Croatia! I’ll be going there over Pentecost break (a whole week long, but this trip is from May 30 to June 3) with one of my classmates from the Antioch program and his roommate. Croatia seems to be the up-and-coming Mediterranean hotspot and with a plane, it’s fairly easy to get there. The city has Roman ruins (it was part of the region of Dalmatia, making it my second dog-breed-related destination after Weimar) and a lot of nice churches. Maybe most importantly, I’ll be able to swim in the Mediterranean for the first time! (sorry, I can’t put the video directly in the blog, but Mr. Bean always seems to capture how I feel in these situations.)

Business comes first. This coming week I have to give my first presentation in front of a class. It’s one of the German as a Foreign Language classes (Massenmedien und Werbung in Deutschland, Mass Media and Advertising in Germany), so I’ll be among other foreign students; the presentation is also done as a group, which takes some pressure off. At least staying in Tübingen today will give me more time to work on that and read assignments for other classes. The reading load here is not overwhelming but definitely takes a lot of time since most of it is in German. The only class with readings in English is for some reason “Political System of the EU,” where the lectures are in German, so we really need to learn vocabulary lists in both languages, to avoid confusing the European Council with the Council of Europe or the Council of the European Union (a.k.a. the Council of Ministers… aargh).

Today is beautiful here, so I’m going to sign off for now and go enjoy the weather. I’ll probably end up seeing the Munich game in a bar in Tübingen, which will still probably be pretty good, and with fewer annoying drunk fans. Hope everyone has a great weekend, and I miss you all!

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  1. Herr Smith says:

    Schade nur, dass die Bayern verloren haben 🙁 Ich war sooo enttäuscht, als Robben den Elfmeter vermasselt hat.

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