This past week was Pentecost break and I visited Zadar, in Croatia! It was an amazing trip, and a great way to take a break from the semester in Tübingen.

We flew out of Karlsruhe with Ryanair, an Irish airline that provides cheap flights around Europe, and had a small problem right from the start: one of the kids I was traveling with is a dual German-American citizen, and even though he registered his nationality as German (I have no idea why; he has lived in the US since he was young), he brought his American rather than his German passport. The customs officer didn’t like that and threatened dire consequences if he didn’t have proof of the German passport by the time he tried to get back into the country. Luckily we were able to have his mom fax him a copy of her copy of the passport, and got through OK.

The country was absolutely beautiful! Zadar, where we went, is right on the coast and has a mixture of classical and Italian influences. It is quite a tourist-friendly town but not too crowded yet, since we went pretty early in the season. We had heard that prices are cheaper in Croatia, but the only thing that was really cheap was our hotel. The hotel was really beautiful and pretty well located, about 40 minutes’ walk from the Old Town and close to a few beaches. We did a lot of swimming and beaching (I’m a little bit tanner now), ate some good food, got a few souvenirs, and also rented a car to drive to Plitvice (“Plit-veet-say”) Lakes, the biggest national park in Croatia, about an hour and a half away. The lakes are clear and blue and there are big waterfalls. The biggest one in the country is called “Veliki Slap,” or “the big waterfall.”

If you want a recommendation of where to stay in Zadar, I can give you a contact at our apartment to get a 10% discount!

Here are some photos from the trip on Facebook.

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  1. Mom says:

    Glad your trip went so well! I don’t think many of us think of Croatia as a vacation destination!

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