Last Wednesday was July 4th and I decided to grill for any Americans (or Germans) who wanted to celebrate Independence Day. I and some friends made cherry Kool-Aid, ranch dressing, potato salad, and red-white-and-blue fruit salad. Even though it was last minute, there was a good crowd! The Germans at least were surprised by how many people showed up; they don’t have any comparable national holiday. The one thing that was missing was fireworks (illegal in Germany except at New Years’ Eve), but we did get to see some pretty cool lightning and eat good food.

Then I visited Munich and met up with my family (minus my sister), who I will see again on Thursday. We saw lots of cool things: Nymphenburg, the castle of the Wittelsbach rulers of Bavaria; awesome cars (and a Trabant); the kings’ Treasure Chamber; the birthplace of Ludwig II of Bavaria (he built Castle Neuschwanstein), as well as his coffin containing his body but not his heart, which is in Altötting; and the German Museum, which displays very cool machines, boats, planes, musical instruments, and lots of other kinds of technology. Munich was greener than I remember from four years ago and has a lot of influence from ancient Greece. Ludwig I was a big fan of classical Greek style and one of the Wittelsbachs, Otto I, even became the first king of Greece after its independence in 1830. This is why the Greek and Bavarian flags are both blue and white.

Pictures from Munich are here!

I have less than three weeks left in Germany and I’ve had one emotional experience thinking about it. I am ready to be back at home and see my family and friends in America… but I will also have a hard time leaving. Wish me luck!

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  1. Julie Dukes says:

    Thanks for putting up with the family. Wish Helen could have been there, too! Still, she reports that she’s having a great (& busy) time in Berlin!

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