TriState is the premiere animal learning and behavior meeting in the Midwest. This page provides a web home for the meeting.  Archival information about past meetings and available information about the upcoming meeting appear here.

TriState(Plus) provides an opportunity for investigators of animal behavior to get together regularly to discuss their work, share ideas, and generally have a good time.  The conference has occurred more or less annually since 1987, and originally involved psychologists from Indiana, Kentucky, & Ohio.  Recent meetings have drawn people from Michigan, …, and even Ontario, Canada.

The conference is loosely organized at best – even the existence of this web page bothers some regular attendees because it suggests a level of organization that does not exist.  Nonetheless, the conferences typically run smoothly and offer lots of fertile scientific discussion.

TriState normally occurs in April or May, depending on the schedule of the hosting institution.  The conference typically lasts from early afternoon on one day to lunchtime the next day.  There is no registration fee, and the host institution provides lodging, dinner, and breakfast.

2019 Attendees (Oakland University)

Next Meeting:

 2019: May 3-4: 20-21: 33rd (?) Annual Meeting at Oakland University (MI) (hosted by Martha Escobar) PROGRAM

Past Meetings:

  • 2018: April 20-21: 32nd (?) Annual Meeting at Hiram College (OH) (hosted by Amber Chenoweth)  Program 
  •  2017: April 7-8; 31st annual meeting at Georgetown College (KY) (hosted by Rebecca Singer).
  • 2016: April 29-30; 30th annual meeting at Albion College (hosted by Jeff Wilson). Program
  • 2015: May 8-9; 28th annual meeting at the University of Kentucky (hosted by Tom Zentall).
  • 2014: April 25-26; 27th annual meeting at the University of Windsor (hosted by Jerry Cohen).
  • 2013: April 13-14; 26th annual meeting at the Ohio State University. Program.
    Photos here!
  • 2012: April 21-22; 25th annual meeting at Kent State University (hosted by Steve Fountain – sfountai@kent.edu).  Program
  • Other past meetings have occurred at Purdue University, University of Kentucky, Albion College, Indiana University, IU-OU Indianapolis, and the University of Windsor.

2013 Atendees

2012 Attendees

Contact Information:
There is little contact information to be posted, as there is really nobody in a position of permanent responsibility for the Conference.  The web page is maintained by Jeff Wilson at Albion College.

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