Past Meetings

(Programs are not currently available.  I will move them to this new page within a few days.  –  Jeff)
  • 2011: 24th annual meeting; Purdue University,  West Lafayette, IN; April 30 – May 1. Organized by Peter Urcuioli ( Program
  • 2010: April 9-10, Indiana University, organized by Bill Timberlake. Program
  • 2009: April 3 & 4, Albion College (MI), organized by Jeff Wilson.
  • 2008: March 28-29, Hosted by University of Kentucky, organized by Tom Zentall  Program
  • 2007: Hosted by Purdue University, April 27 – 28 and organized by Peter Urcuioli. Program (Word document)
  • 2006: Hosted by Indiana University – Purdue University, Indianapolis, April 7 – 8, and organized by J. Gregor Fetterman. Program (in Word format) or HTML format if you prefer.
  • 2005: Hosted by the University of Windsor, May 13 – 15, and organized by Jerry Cohen.  This was the first TriState Conference to have been held outside of the US (and perhaps the first outside of the original three states?). Program (in Word format)
  • 2004: Hosted by Kent State University and organized by Steve Fountain & Dave Riccio.
  • 2003: Hosted by Indiana University and organized by William Timberlake.
  • 2002: Hosted by Ohio State University and organized by Sally Boysen.
  • 1997: Hosted by Indiana University and organized by William Timberlake.  Meeting program (copied from CISAB web page).
  • Info about previous meetings will be posted as it becomes available.