General Information on Common Injuries

  • Achilles TendonitisAchilles tendonitis is an injury that occurs when your Achilles tendon — the large band of tissues connecting the muscles in the back of your lower leg to your heel bone — becomes inflamed or irritated.
  • Ankle SprainsAnkle sprains are often caused by the twisting or rolling of your ankle and result in swelling and pain above and around the ankle.
  • Black ToenailsRunners, especially those training for long-distance events, can suffer from black toenails, caused by the toes rubbing up against the front of the running shoe. A blood blister forms under the toenail and the nail eventually falls off.
  • Blisters: While not a serious injury, blisters — those fluid-filled bubbles of skin on your feet — can be painful and keep you from running.
  • ChafingChafing is caused by repeated motion — specifically, skin rubbing against loose fabric or other skin.
  • Illiotibial Band SyndromeMarked by a sharp, burning knee or hip pain, Illiotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) is a very common injury among runners.
  • Muscle Pulls or StrainsMuscle pulls and strains are common and annoying injuries for runners, marked by pain and tightness in the affected muscle.
  • Runner’s KneeA common complaint among long-distance runners, runner’s knee feels like a soreness around and sometimes behind the kneecap.
  • Plantar FasciitisHeel pain in runners is usually caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia, a condition known as plantar fasciitis.
  • Side StitchesA side stitch is a sharp, intense pain under the lower edge of the ribcage caused by a muscle spasm of the diaphragm.
  • Shin Splints:One of the most common injuries for beginner runners, shin splints are characterized by pain in the front of the lower leg.
  • Stress FracturesStress fractures, or tiny cracks in the surface of a bone, are serious running injuries that requires immediate treatment.
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