Reprise: A Tale of Two Meetings

Well, both Pavlovian and SfN are done for the year.  Both were excellent meetings in their own ways.  Pavlovian allowed a focused examination of learning theory, and a chance to interact with the brightest current and up-and-coming stars in that area.  SfN allowed an examination of broader neuroscience issues, a chance to see some of those same up-and-coming stars again, and a chance to see many old friends.  A highlight was the first (of what will probably be many) Albion Neuroscience Alumni get-togethers; there are now enough of our alums doing neuroscience that such an event is possible.  Ned would be proud.

In addition to my many social/intellectual interactions with friends, I was able to gather lots of useful information about procedures for measuring locomotion and body length in my earthworms.  Many commercial vendors at the meeting thought they could do this for me for $5,000 to $15,000.  Better yet were the two people who have open-source programs already running that can determine movement, direction, and body length of c. elegans, leeches, and similar organisms; surely this software will work for my earthworms.  I should know within a few days if it will work.  Hooray for free software!

Finally, as he has done on numerous occasions previously, Ramachandran met with my students, and shared some wisdom about success in the neurosciences.  I am always grateful for his willingness to do this.

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