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EKG with the SpikerBox?

I taped wet cotton gauze around two fingertips, and inserted the SpikerBox electrodes into the gauze.  Viewed the output on xoscope: sure looks like an EKG.  Time units seem wrong – it looks like about 8 ms between heartbeats, and I know that my heart rate is not that fast (this would be about 125 bpm).  Maybe recording from two finger gives redundant signals?  If I recorded each heartbeat twice then a rate of about 63 bpm would be about right for me.  Certainly the wave form looks right.  I provide a photo of my preparation, a screenshot from xoscope, and a graph constructed from the saved data (with arbitrary units).

Edit (4 hrs later): A close examination of the traces shows that each beat is being recorded twice – each of a pair of similar sized traces is an inverted version of its mate.  So: a beat is recorded with Finger-1 positive relative to Finger-2, then 2 positive relative to 1.  I love science!

New Toy: DSO Nano v2.0

Just got a new pocket DSO (digital storage oscilloscope), the DSO Nano v2.0, from Seeed Studio.  For $89 the price can’t be beat.  Looks like it might be a nice companion to the SpikerBox.  Images show the DSO Nano responding to random noise (and a recording of me playing the Cajun accordion; like I said – random noise).

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Bem’s Recent Studies

Daryl Bem is about to publish an article suggesting that future events can influence the present. (How do I know? A preprint is available at his web site and it has been discussed online in various science blogs.)  For example – read a list of words, then take a test to see how many of the words you remember.  Later type some randomly-selected words from the original list.   Guess what?  When you were originally tested you were better able to remember the words that you would later be asked to type.  Or, predict which of two computer-presented curtains will have a picture behind it.  You do better than chance if the picture is erotic, but not if it is a less interesting picture.  And the computer randomly determines which curtain will reveal the picture after you have made your choice.  Effect sizes around .20, but statistically significant and replicated (by him) in many studies.  The ultimate validity of this work remains to be determined (and on first glance the findings seem unlikely) but the paper will appear in a highly respected journal and has received thorough review.  No methodological flaws were found.  I’ll be following the response to this article, and the follow-up studies.

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