Silent Gathering for Effective Gun Control

On Tuesday evening, March 27, 2018, the Marshall Post of the VFW will host a gathering for people who want to build their own AR-15s.  [See update below.] It is possible to build this gun legally in a manner that avoids background checks and makes the gun untraceable.  The VFW will sell only the component that requires the check, but will provide information about how to build it the other way (indeed, they hosted this kind of untraceable build last year).

Some of us believe that there are too many of these assault-style semi-automatic weapons out there already.  They have been used in the five most deadly mass shootings of recent times.  When they were banned (1994-2004) mass shootings and the associated deaths went down. We are especially troubled at the possibility of untraceable AR-15s being made locally, or anywhere for that matter.


If you oppose the proliferation of weapons of mass murder, and would like to see effective gun control that might work to reduce killings, please join us for a silent gathering outside of the Marshall VFW Tuesday night from 6-8 PM. Click gun for details.

 UPDATE: The event went well, with no confrontations or violence, despite veiled threats of beatdowns, pepper spray, and dogs.  In the time leading up to the event, and afterwards, I have been called:
  • Spineless hater
  • Marxist Enemy of the Constitution
  • Snowflake (of course)
  • Nutty Psychology Professor
  • Terrible
  • Clown
  • Ignorant

I’ll add more as they come in…

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