My Data-Driven Thoughts on Gun Control

For my own mental health I need to stop replying online to people who cannot comprehend data.
Here are my thoughts on gun control:
  • The 2nd Amendment is fine, and should not be repealed.
  • The Supreme Court has ruled (2008) that the 2nd Amendment allows restrictions on who can have a gun, on where a gun can be carried, and on the commercial sale of guns. This is law.
  • Data demonstrate
    • that gun homicides across countries are directly related to the number of guns per capita,
    • and that during the time that Federal Assault Weapon Ban was in effect (1994-2004) mass shootings and the resulting deaths were significantly lower than in the decades before or after,
    • and that (from a New England Journal of Medicine paper) gun ownership greatly increases the odds of a homicide in the home, often involving a relative, while providing no protective value to the gun-owner.
  • The reasonable conclusion from the data is that reducing the number of guns will reduce gun deaths, and that reducing “assault weapons” as defined in the AWB will reduce mass shootings.

Here are some of the ways I’ve been described because of my views on gun control and my opposition to the AR-15 Build taking place in Marshall. I’ll add to the list as memory serves or as new items come along:

  • Spineless hater
  • Marxist Enemy of the Constitution
  • Snowflake (of course)
  • Nutty Psychology Professor
  • Terrible
  • Clown
  • Ignorant
  • Homegrown hostile enemy
  • Crybully of the Left (my favorite so far)
  • Professor Wilson Dipstick
  • Quasi-intellectual scam artist 
  • Profess-whore dipstick (This person also suggested that I “put it where the moon does not shine.” Not sure what “it” is…)
  • A very small frog in a very big pond (This person thought Albion is a two-year college.)
  • “Greater than thou” libturd professor

And in response to my expressing concern over veiled threats of beat-downs, pepper spray, and dogs being used against people at the Demonstration for Effective Gun Control:

  • There’s too much estrogen in the air.

This last one illustrates the sexism rampant among the pro-gun “patriots.”

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