It’s a Multi-Cultural World

I felt the need to post this after reading numerous posts on Facebook that are racist in the view of most people, but that are not acknowledged as such by the posters. No matter how you personally feel about it, most people view someone using the n-word as racist. Yes, I recognize that there are comics, rappers, hip-hop artists, and a few others who have artistic license to use the word in a manner viewed more as trying to reclaim the word rather than to demean, but they are the exception. If you’re white and using the n-word to describe people that you don’t like, then you are racist.

Our world is multi-cultural, with people of all colors, all religions, all ethnicities, all national heritages…. It doesn’t matter what color you are, what god you worship, where your parents came from, whom you love, how rich or poor you are; what matters is your behavior – do you treat others with respect or not. There are good and bad people of all races, religions, cultures; you can’t stereotype people as good or bad, worthy of respect or not, based on how they look, whom they worship, whom they love, or where their grandparents lived.

If you fail to recognize the multi-cultural nature of the world, if you continue to judge people on the basis of superficial characteristics, you do yourself a great disservice. You cut yourself off from the majority of people who are not like you, and thereby cut yourself off from many people who could help you to grow, offer you employment, become your friends, and generally enrich your life.  The racist will always find similar-minded people who form his circle of friends, but that circle will be much smaller than it could be.

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