Midwest Communications Speaker on Campus

Thursday, November 13 from 5:00 to 6:30 pm in Norris 100,
Dennis Martin, General Sales Manager at Midwest Communications, WNWN-FM Win 98.5 will be on campus to discuss interships and career opportunities in commercial radio broadcasting as well as talk about current openings at his station.

This session is open to any student, facility, or community member interested in learned about career in the broadcasting industry or looking for employment at WNWN.

Food will be provided.

Please RSVP to wlbn@albion.edu if you would like to attend.

WLBN is back!

Hey guys, Happy October!

We hope your last seven weeks have been going smoothly and you passed all your midterms this semester.
The reason why we’re not up and running is because our board got fried this summer in a lightening storm and we are in the process of getting a new one, but it’s 9,000 dollars. It’s a work in progress.

While we wait, if there is anything you want us to bring back from last year or something you want to hear and haven’t yet, drop us an e-mail at wlbn@albion.edu or a comment below.


Bringing WLBN Back To Life

General Manager of WLBN, Paul Stewart, talks about his experience and involvement in bringing WLBN back to life in this Albion College youtube video.

YouTube Preview Image

Watch on Youtube

WLBN is on Social Media!

Do you have your own social media presence? Would you love to connect and interact with WLBN on your favorite social media site? Well now you can!

WLBN now has a presence on the following social media sites! Be sure to check us out and follow/like our pages – we’d love to hear your feedback. 


Big Things Coming For WLBN!

Since the start of the Fall Semester of 2012, WLBN Albion College Radio has come from being merely nothing to being a fulling functional and organized online radio station. Also, WLBN has acquired the equipment necessary to broadcast radio shows and music directly over the internet. Radio show hosts have the chance to experience and learn the art of radio broadcasting first-hand by creating and designing their own shows with their own material and by developing their communication skills. This in and of itself is a great educational opportunity. WLBN’s enthusiastic radio show hosts are exactly what is needed to make WLBN successful. However this couldn’t have been done without the help of Paul Stewart, General Manager of WLBN, who has essentially brought the radio station out from under the dust. With Spring Semester of 2013 starting and so much accomplished, who knows what the future of WLBN Albion College Radio holds!

End of the Year Giving to WLBN

If you have not made a gift this year to support Albion College, please take a few minutes to do it now. Make your gift through our secure server at www.albion.edu/givenow.  Did you know you can designate WLBN to be the beneficiary of your contribution?  Just specify on the donation form that you would like to support “WLBN Albion College Radio.”


Thank you for your contribution,

-WLBN Staff

WLBN to hold welcome back meeting, students and staff encouraged to attend

All Albion Students and Staff interested in hosting a show and/or holding a position on WLBN’s staff should attend our welcome back meeting on January 23 at 6:00 pm or January 25 at 3:00 pm. We will be discussing changes to the station, talking about the upcoming broadcast year, and signing up for show times in the Alumni Conference Room (3rd floor of the Kellogg Center). Please bring your calendars if you are interested in obtaining a showtime after the meeting. Pizza will be served, complements of our friends at Hungry Howie’s of Albion (#536).

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this meeting or the 2013-14 broadcast year.

WLBN is on tunein radio


You can now take WLBN with you as you walk around campus.  Listen to your favorite college radio station on tunein radio on your your iPhone, BlackBerry, or internet-enabled radio.  Click here to listen now.

Artist Underground on the WLBN airwaves

Tune into Artist Underground today from 7-9. Listen online by clicking Listen Live from the left side of the site. Also be sure to check out Dannie’s FaceBook page at www.facebook.com/wlbnstudio.

Recent success for WLBN Albion College Radio

I write this note today to inform you of a recent success for WLBN, Albion College Radio. This past Friday, I spoke at the Broadcasting Career Builder Conference (BCBC) hosted in Lansing by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB). Here I met with Pete Bowers and Randy Carr (a speaker at the conference with whom I worked at WBFH-FM). Bowers and Carr have already been very generous to our program, donating thousands of dollars’ worth of broadcast equipment to the station in October 2012. I also made several important contacts, which I submit will allow our station to flourish. The first contact was Mark Libke of the Spartan Sports Network. Mr. Libke was very impressed that a handful of students could pool their talent to restart a “dark” station with little existing equipment and a small budget. Mr. Libke requested I keep him informed as to what our student broadcasters are doing and how our station is improving over the coming weeks and months (we have made much progress in just three months). Mr. Libke also asked me if there was any equipment WLBN may need in the future and he has committed to donating their old equipment to our program. Other contacts included representatives from the MAB as well as the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). These connections will be helpful for a wide variety of needs such as legal advice, technical advice, grant writing, and perhaps help with our programming.

In addition to the annual Broadcasting Career Builder Conference, the Michigan Association of Broadcasters holds an award ceremony in Lansing to recognize the achievements of educational broadcasters. While I believe competition is not the reason people become interested in radio, I look forward to the day we can send our talented broadcasters to this ceremony to receive a state award, perhaps someday a Station of the Year award. This is a goal not easily accomplished; it takes hard work, dedication, and a love for radio broadcasting. I have been very impressed thus far by the level of dedication and passion of our student broadcasters.

This semester, we have become a legal station (by paying music licensing and webcasting fees), the studio was renovated with newer and better equipment, and I have sparked interest in close to 40 Albion students (who signed up at Briton Bash). We have ten air personalities (and the program is still growing), we have a renovated website and we now have 24/7/365 programming. Next semester, I hope to expand the program even farther. We look forward to purchasing and installing other broadcast electronics and we hope to have a professional sounding airstaff who submits award entries to the MAB for judging, we will promote the station in ways we never have previously. Andy Boyan (WLBN Advisor) and I will begin hosting workshops for our broadcasters to improve their on-air presence and technical wherewithal.

I am excited to see what will become of WLBN. I know the future for the program is nothing but promising and I would like to keep you informed as to how we are doing as a staff. Please keep an eye on our website (http://campus.albion.edu/wlbn/) and enjoy the occasional email regarding our progress (subscribe here). Feel free to forward this link to your classmates, co-workers, professors, family and friends, and anyone else that may find this of interest.