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Cutting Boards from Michigan Hardwoods

In November and December of 2012, Jeff Carrier and I made 35 cutting boards as gifts for our families. We used strips of varying widths of maple, elm, cherry, walnut, and ash. The woods selected for these boards were chosen from complementary and contrasting Michigan hardwoods, and each board was individually created to highlight the selected woods for both variations in size and an appealing appearance.















All the wood except the cherry came from wood harvested from Birdland Farm near Morenci, Michigan just before my family sold the farm. The timber on the farm was selectively harvested through the decades in a way that considered the conservation and sustainability of these precious natural resources. A branding iron was used to affix the legend “Wood from Birdland Farm, Morenci, Michigan.”

We used waterproof glue to fasten the strips together and each board was subjected to a great deal of finish sanding. The final finish is mineral oil. Wood scraps that were left over were fashioned into key fobs by Jim, and now grace the key chains of unsuspecting lucky friends of ours in Albion.


Jim Whitehouse, December 18, 2012

(Photos by Jeff Carrier)


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