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It is eleven o’clock on a brisk Fall Saturday morning. I have just gotten off the E-Train at 5th Avenue and am making my way to Rockefeller Center (also known as 30 Rock) for another long day working on one of television’s lngest running shows.
I am working as an intern in the Music Department of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Dozens of people are coming together today to help put on ninety minutes of live television- and I get to be right in the middle of it!
This semester has taught me to appreciate all the hard work that goes into television production. It is so easy to sit down on the couch, press a button and watch a show. No one ever thinks of the hundreds of people working day and night in order to bring that to you.
Although Saturday Night Live is run on Saturdays, people are working all week long in order to have ninety minutes of television by the weekend. From the writers and actors who come up with thirty to fifty orinigal scripts each week, to the set and costume desginers who are making minute changes until the airing of the show, to the musicians who are writing and rehearsing the music for every second of the show- it’s really incredible!
I now know, from personal experience, how much running around there has to be done for everything to run smoothly. Snatching copies of music from the office on the seventeenth floor and bringing it down to the band on the eighth floor. Or rounding up Adele’s twelve-piece string orchestra and herding them up two floors, through Sarah Palin’s secret servicemen, to the stage- that is only one part of one job out of hundreds that must be working perfectly in order for the show to make it off the ground.
This experience has been really great for me. I was able to get a glimpse of what I could be doing after I graduate. I now have a better idea of what direction I would like to go in and I can concentrate my education on that path.


Christoph Tallerico is a junior from Grosse Pointe Farms who attended Grosse Pointe North High School. Christoph wishes he had the super power to fly because he could get places faster and not deal with gas prices.

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