Summer 2001

The Summer of 2001 saw Amanda Boye, ’02, travel to the University of Cardiff, in Wales, to work with the Wirth Group (Thomas Wirth had accepted a position there in the fall of 2000).  She worked on lactonization reactions with hypervalent iodine reagents.  That’s Amanda in the middle.

Amanda in Wales 2001

That same Summer, Josh Konzer, ’02, went to Notre Dame University to work with a friend of Thomas’ on some theoretical aspects of hypervalent iodine reagents.  Here at Albion College, Crystal Ingison,’03, and Laurie Vance,’03, worked in my lab on two new synthetic targets; a chiral diamine ligand based on Wulff’s VANOL Ligand system, and new methodology to access new chiral hypervalent iodine reagents.  Below are some pictures of our Summer 2001 adventure.

Amanda Boye got her Ph.D. at Illinois, with Professor Paul J. Hergenrother, after working for a year in Germany.  She returned to Germany to work for Elsevier Publishers as an editor for Angewandte Chemie, the most prestigious European journal of chemistry. After a year, Amanda moved to Boeringer, a German Pharmaceutical company.

Josh went on to Physics Graduate school after working toward a Chemical Engineering degree at Washington University in St. Louis.  Laurie Vance finished Medical School at Wayne State University.  Chrystal received her Master’s degree in Chemistry from Illinois then got a job at the Mayo Clinic.

Each of these four presented their research work at the National ACS Meeting in Orlando in the Spring of 2002.   Here is a picture!

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