Summer 2002

The Summer of 2002 saw two students, Joe Heinzelmann and Craig Streu working on the synthesis of a new chiral hypervalent reagent. While they were unsuccessful at completing this synthesis due to the unavailability of a reagent (post 9-11) the summer was informative.  Below are some pictures of the summer research effort.

The summer of 2002 also saw Crystal Ingison travel to Cardiff to work with my collaborator, Thomas Wirth, at Cardiff University.  There she worked on lactonization reactions of alkenoic acids using hypervalent iodine reagents, continuing and completing the research started by Amanda Boye, ’02.  The results of their combined research were accepted by Organic Letters (2003, 5(12), 2157-2159).  Here are some pictures!  Crystal completed her M.S. At Illinois and is now working at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

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