Welcome, Organic chemistry students!

Welcome to Chemistry 211!!  This blog will be a the location of a number of things to assist you. . .  I will post things to this page, such as handouts, links to the Moodle site where handouts can be found, and other things that you might find helpful. . .

As an example.  I received the following e-mail from a professor at another institution who is selling a tutorial package for $10 for organic students.  This is NOT an endorsement, but perhaps you might investigate further, if you want.

Dr. French:

I am a chemistry instructor who has developed some chemistry software for my students that I would like to bring to your attention, and make available to your students at a very reasonable price.  The College Chemistry Tutor contains over 3100 General Chemistry problems in 81 different categories, 20 multiple choice tests, and 22 lectures (PowerPoint format) to help your students prepare for their exams.  The Organic Chemistry Tutor contains over 1100 problems in over 50 different categories, such as Nomenclature of Alkynes, Reactions of Aromatic Compounds, and Synthesis of Carboxylic Acids. It also contains 16 practice tests and 22 lectures.  With each program, the students can work the problem and check their answers.  Each problem has its own solution, which not only gives the answer but also shows how to solve the problem.  The cost for these CDs is only $10.00.

Your students can learn more about the software and download a free trial version by going to www.chemistrytutor.net.  They can purchase the software using either a credit card or a check. They can order the CD or download the product for immediate use. I also sell the CDs through some college bookstores.  Please contact me if you would like your bookstore to carry the software.  Both the College Chemistry Tutor and the Organic Chemistry Tutor are available for Windows (2000 and later) and for Mac (OS X 10.4 and later).

I have attached two flyers with some information about the products, and I would appreciate it if you could post them, or announce the availability of these products to your students. I have had many college students tell me how helpful the programs were.  Please feel free to pass along this information to others if appropriate.  Thank you very much.

Brian McRae
Chemistry Tutor Software

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