Mole Day (Well, millimole Day) Breakfast

So, it has been my tradition to celebrate Mole day with a breakfast so that we can record our presence at 6:02 AM on 10/23.  We have held this event at a local truck stop diner, the 115, every year for the past 13 years, except when I was on sabbatical. Why, you say, would you not celebrate Mole minute in the evening? Well, military time puts only 6:02 AM as the true 6:02, Evening is 18:02, so that does not count.  Also, getting up at 5:30 takes initiative, and enthusiasm, neither of which is required to meander over for dinner.  I have had numerous alums tell me at alumni events how they remember the Mole Day Breakfast (and how little organic chemistry they remember, years later) as one of the the fun things they did in college, so I take that anecdotal evidence to suggest that we should continue.  The problem this year was that Mole Day, the 23rd of October falls on a Saturday, so I have zero interest. . . . SO, I decided this year to celebrate Millimole Day (6.02 x 10^20) which is today.  Below are some pictures of this morning’s crew of students who showed up.  4 drove east instead of west, so arrived late. . . but their enthusiasm is duly noted.  Thanks everyone for coming!!

Mole 2010

In the dark

Millimole Minute!!

2010 the late arrivals

The late Arrivals.

In case you are nostalgic for Mole days of the past.  Check out these photos

1997, the first year!

The first Mole Day Breakfast, 1997

we were young. . .

Cliff Harris and I in 1997

So long ago. . .


Mole day, 1998

1998, Year 2


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