Pictures of My Woodworking projects

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  1. Knight H. says:

    Hey, awesome blog you got! and I really loved your woodworking projects, they are very great! thank you so much for this valuable blog! I wish to come back for more !

  2. So great! I will copy to my site , and a link back to your site

  3. Your tables are fantastic. Do you have one of Arizona? Just kidding. Was wondering what you use to cut with? Thanks for all the photos. Nice work Dr. French.

    • I would be very glad to make an AZ table. All my tables sell for ~$350 dollars and I have been commissioned to make a number of tables, including OR, CA, PA,the Czech republic, and Iran.

      I use a 14number inch band saw….a scroll saw cannot cut thru 1 inch lumber.

  4. James says:

    Got to say great idea and work! Have you thought about using a map outline. Thank you for sharing your work.

  5. What a unique idea! You have good taste in wood pieces, too. Nice grain patterns and coloring. I might have to modify/steal the idea for Christmas gifts this year.

    • It would be wonderful, if you DO “steal” my idea, that if you Publish it is some way, that you at least acknowledge it as mine. . .

      Or you could pay me to make your Christmas Gifts 🙂



  6. David says:

    Love your projects. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is awsome. I like Oregon table/wine holder ;] good idea

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