Spring Break

well-deserved. . . .it has been a tough first half of the semester, lots going on. . . I am teaching a full load, in addition to being chair, which is a lot harder than I imagined. . . I am again, behind in my grading, but the second exam for my orgo students went really well, they really did an outstanding job!! Average was 80.0!! and I thought I had written a tough exam, they made me proud!!
This semester we are trying something old. The students do not have tablets. I do. I am trying to see differences and, boy, do I ever see differences. The first is the almost complete lack of willing engagement on the part of the students. If I ask a question I get virtually no responses. With tablets, I could ask a question and I would get 20 responses instantly. Students REALLY want to be anonymous! Classes are much more labored and I doubt is students are having as much fun as they did when they had tablets.

I also am noting that roughly a third of the students are checking out the Posted lectures on my Moodle site. . . most are looking at the PDF files, but not the DyKnow files, which suggests they are MAC users principally. Hmmm. . . .
Anyway, the Spring Break is almost upon us!

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