Newest Woodworking projects

Winter break afforded me the opportunity to work on several projects.  I completed two tables and a wall hanging, and a Scrabble-type game for the Museum.

another Michigan Table - all in Maple







Table for owner of Castor Concepts


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4 Responses to Newest Woodworking projects

  1. Zachary M says:

    Hi Andy.,

    Got to love the mapple Michigan table –


  2. Richard says:

    Man those are two awesome tables! What method of joinery did you use? Also, did you use Maple for both?

    • The foot is joined as two pieces with interlocking slot in the middle, the spindles are joined with Glue and countersunk screws, the top is typically a single piece, but if two, they are joined either as a butt joint with glue or, more often if the table is big, with biscuit joints. I have two, a “mini” and a full size. the size of biscuit depends on the scale and location of the biscuits.

      the wood I use varies. For most MI tables I use four species; Chwerry, maple, 1/4 sawn oak, and maple. The State cutouts look best with figured wood, so the cherry and maple is often spalted, or figured. I try for straight grain for the Walnut spindles, and the quarter-sawn oak is figured as well.
      I am glad you like my work.

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