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This page provides information as to what I am doing when not On-campus; my interests, outside activities and things I am doing, not related to my Position at Albion College.  They include; Woodworking Pictures (I make tables in the shapes of States, among other things), Albion City Council Activities ( I was elected in Fall of 2010 to the 6th Precinct Seat), and Kids ‘n’ Stuff Children’s Museum (I am on their Board).  Enjoy!!

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  1. Spring Break is almost upon us. Outside of the campus job, things are busy as always.

    Woodworking projects: Finished a Pennsylvania table with Mount Nittany outline below for a colleague and winner of the custom table at the Kids ‘N’ Stuff Auction last fall. I completed the construction of a museum display light table for the Kids ‘N’ Stuff museum, It was delivered for painting by the museum staff (they are MUCH better artists than I) in January. Kids will be able to play on it learn about light,a nd colors and shadows. it will be fun to see them!!

    Albion City Council continues to be a learning curve. . . most of it revolving about understanding how to work with people you disagree with . . . and having a lot of patience. . . I am enjoying the process and I am excited about the new Community Gardening ordinance that will be coming to us soon. I look forward to Albion having lots of community gardens around town, and seeing an expanded Farmers Market!! I am also looking forward to starting a committee to look at Money saving “Green Initiatives” to help the City save money, and to be better stewards of their environment. . .

    Kids ‘N’ Stuff Board Activity – We are moving forward with new Marketing and new Fundraising goals, and creative ways to get folks to come into our museum. . . After the light table project, I am now leading (in name only) the Marketing committee, and we are looking into ways to get our name out there for kids 10 months to 10 years.

    I am looking forward to my Spring Break!!

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