Amelanchier laevis Wiegand  – Rosaceae – rose family

Normally a tree is defined as having a single trunk.  For the serviceberry and saucer magnolia we have included these tree lawn species even though they have multiple trunks.

In Albion, serviceberries bloom in April.  Because we have not seen the flowers or mature fruits of this species, we are hesitant to make an exact identification.  It is likely to be A. laevis, a species that is commonly cultivated in our area.

The name ‘serviceberry’ is associated with a folk tale that may or may not be true. Supposedly, in New England, when the white flowers of serviceberries were out, the ground was thawed out enough for settlers to hold services to bury their dead.  Who knows?  In some southern states the name applied to these trees is pronounced ‘sarvis,’ without the berry.  The mature fruits of this species are deep bluish-red color and are quite tasty.