About Us

The Chemistry Department is dedicated to providing the Albion College student with a strong chemistry background. For those interested in a career in chemistry or biochemistry the department offers a strong major within the liberal arts framework. For those interested in careers in related fields, such as health-related professions, biology, physics, or geology, the department provides a strong foundation in chemistry for use in these disciplines. For those who are not in the sciences, we provide sufficient background to understand advances in technology, environmental implications of new laws, drug problems, and health advances.

Chemistry majors select careers in a variety of fields. Many continue on to graduate school in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, or related fields. Some decide to enter medical school, dental school, or other health-related disciplines such as nutrition. Still others enter the pharmaceutical, chemical, or environmental industries.

All chemistry majors are encouraged to participate in independent study either at Albion (through FURSCA) or at companies or universities. The department and its majors also have close interactions with the Environmental Center, Honors Program, and Pre-Health Institute.

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Department Mission Statement:

The mission of the chemistry department is to provide an outstanding undergraduate education in the chemical sciences and an active intellectual community within the liberal arts tradition. Our goal is to equip students with the critical skills and understanding that will enable them to pursue careers in the chemical and medical sciences, as well as to create an informed citizenry that will serve as leaders in the societal discussion of science and technology. We believe that chemistry serves as a key partner in the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of science. To achieve these goals, we utilize an active pedagogical approach, which emphasizes the process of scientific discovery, the ever-changing body of scientific knowledge, and student-faculty interactions. We believe it is essential that students experience the process of scientific investigation, in the laboratory, the classroom, and through the unique mentoring relationship that develops through collaborative student-faculty research. We emphasize the integral nature of chemistry in our society, both as an endeavor that betters our lives and as a way of understanding and exploring our world.