Center for Sustainability and the Environment

Do you love the environment? The planet is where you’ll spend a lot of your time after all. Do you want to be a part of something bigger, yet on a smaller scale? At Albion College’s Center for Sustainability and the Environment (CSE), you’ll spend a lot of time making the nature center and the community a better place. You’ll explore the overlaps of nature and society by gaining connections and going on adventures. Through it all, you will become an effective steward of our world. 

CSE combines student, faculty, and staff activism with a vast educational program to prepare students for a spectrum of careers. Although this is a serious endeavor, with the planet in our hands, no one said that we cannot turn it into an adventure along the way.  In fact, we hold that an important element of sustainability is learning to enjoy low-impact activities.

Explore our program to find out more about our majors, minors, and concentrations related to the environment. We also host life-changing field seminars every spring! Through our field seminars, you’ll have the chance to travel to diverse locations around the U.S. and meet people who are working on environmental protection and sustainability causes. When it comes down to it, every major or interest you have can be related to the environment. 

This website is intended to allow current, past, and future students to share their interesting environmentally-related experiences. Updates on college-wide events will be posted here, as well as galleries and journal entries from current students. For more background, the naturepository site was created to make an inventory of all the environmental programs and projects Albion College has been involved in.

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