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Conservation Biology Earth Day Outreach Project

As apart of the Spring 2020 Conservation Biology course lead by Dr. Lyons-Sobaski, students were responsible for carrying out an outreach project. Four students including Tanya Jagdish, Alex Pearcy, Alex McTavish, and Jessica Behrman took it upon themselves to help promote the CSE and ENVN Club events for Earth Day 50. 

In an effort to accomplish successful environmental communication and college and community engagement the main part of the project focused on writing articles for the Albion Pleiad. Along side these articles a logo and coloring pages were designed for the Earth Day 50 celebrations. Due to impacts of COVID-19, the group had to face the challenge of only using virtual outreach platforms. To learn more visit the links below! 


Viewing Environmental Impacts with Artist Christine Carr

Opinion: A Sustainable Campus is Still in the Making

Sustainable Students: What Are Your Plans for Earth Day?

From 1970 to 2020: 50 Years of Earth Day at Albion 

Earth Day Celebration: Coloring Pages  


Feedback is essential for creating a more environmentally aware college and community. To help future students with outreach projects please fill out the evaluation form. Thank you!



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