Field Trips

Albion’s Center for Sustainability and the Environment offers life-changing field trips all over the country. Students travel to diverse locations, meeting people who work on environmental protection and sustainability causes.

Every Spring semester CSE offers a half unit course, ENVN 201: Ecology and Environment Field Trip, that involves a trip to a different part of the country. Membership in CSE or permission of the instructor, Dr. Doug White and Dr. Sheila Lyons-Sobaski, allows many students from all majors to participate in this yearly adventure. The course demonstrates, throughout seminars and a one-two week trip to a selected region of the United States, how ecosystems have been shaped by the interplay of biological, geological and human history and are thus both adapted to, and susceptible to changes in, modern landscape, climate and human practices. Examines environmental issues of both local and national significance related to these ecosystems.

Through some of the past trips, we have traveled to New Jersey, the Appalachian mountains and even California. Follow us on our Facebook page to be up to date on our latest endeavors!  


Past Trips Photos


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