Student Farm

The Albion College Student Farm is a student-organized, sustainably farmed collaboration between Albion College’s Center for Sustainability and the Environment and the Whitehouse Nature Center. It is open to students, faculty, and community members of all ages.

Our mission is to introduce students to an environment where they can learn new, sustainable farming practices. Moreover, for students to get experience running a profitable agriculturally-based business. And, above all, to instill an appreciation and understanding of agricultural processes in Albion College students and the Albion community.

Student Opportunity

The farm provides great opportunities for students to get experience filling leadership roles because it is a student-led organization.

The Student Farm is always looking for volunteers and team members to help with weeding, planting, trimming, and harvesting. Furthermore, paid positions are available to student-workers in the summer.

If you would like to get involved in the Student Farm, please contact Whitehouse Nature Center Director Jason Raddatz or Student Leaders Allyson White and Mikayla Stinde.

Gardens and Hoop House

The Good Soil Growhouse is currently the central focus of the Albion College Student Farm.

This 1,440-square-foot growhouse is a “greenhouse on wheels.” The hoop house was made possible by a generous gift from the Baird family in honor of Jessica Baird’s, ’11, graduation. Jessie was one of the founding members of the student organization.


Looking to the Future

The farm has many plans for future development.

  • Build raised beds
  • Create partnership with Bon Appetit
  • Start hops plot
  • Open rentable community plots


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