Camp Life

Camp life is often interesting and full of surprises. This year’s trip wasn’t any different as it was raining whole day of the very first day of camping. Based on popular vote, out team leader Tim Bob decided to spend the night camping instead of spending it in a local church basement offered by former Albion College President Peter Mitchell. Putting up camp in a rain is challenging as you are trying to keep the inside of the tent dry. Luckily, we were allowed to used a shelter in the park to cook our food and enjoy our dinner. After a long wet day, we ate our dinner and were ready for an adventure back to the tent under continuous rainfall. Also, I forgot to mention it was my birthday and, I was rather very surprised that there was birthday cake for me. Thanks to everyone. We went to bed in the relative dry tent; however, I woke up in a pool of water on either side of my sleeping pad. The tent had leaked although it was supposed to be waterproof. Although, I slept quiet well, my sleeping bag and other tent gear were very wet.

I personally enjoy camp life a lot. Cooking dinners are always fun and exciting. Dr. Lincoln is very creative in making delicious and quick camp dinner. We had Taco salad, chicken chilli and spaghetti as our dinners in the camp. Morning breakfast are also very nice. A big mug of cofffe with various cereals and fruits always started the day in high note.

In addition, we made fire around the camp almost every day of the trip. We stayed around the fire and talked about things. Camp fires always provided us with the opportunity to talk about the day we just had or any Albion related issues we wanted to talk about. We also managed to have some s’more at Table Rock State Park.