Kayaking in Seabrook Island

Noelle and Sunli battle for position in the creek. Photo by Dave Green

The Seabrook Kayak trip was cut short because it was too windy to go all the way to the ocean. Instead we paddled around the marshland that was only somewhat protected from the wind. We learned that dolphins will sometimes swim up estuaries to coral fish and trap them up against the shoreline. We also learned about the biodiversity of that habitat. They’re several species of crab that call the marshland their home. Many insects live in the tall grass. Many of us made the unfortunate decision to wear jeans. Sea kayaks are very close to the water and are designed to take on water. They have holes right next to where you sit, so most of us got are jeans soaked. The trip was a lot of fun though and the interpretive rangers had a lot of cool information to share.