State Museum

We traveled to the State Museum and the first eye-catching feature is the giant brick building, which isn’t your typical building for a museum. This is because the building was an old working mill and they kept the natural state of the building and some of the open features when they built the museum. This museum didn’t take long to catch your attention, as you enter the first exhibit a gigantic white shark is hanging above your head. Another eye catching feature was, you can see the first floor from the second with the very open floor plan making the flow of the museum better than tons of small rooms. This feature was the idea of and Albion alum  David Sennema who did a lot with designing the rooms. The museum really wanted to cater to kids and having interactive exhibits where kids can learn hands onrather than having to read or be lectured to.

Caitlyn frightened by dinosaurs taking over the world. Courtesy: Scott

Ken and James with a glyptodont. Courtesy: Christina

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