Lunch with John and Karen Vornakis

Lounging at the Vournakis' House

Lounging at the Vournakis’ House

After a rainy night, we left Huntington State Park to eat lunch with Albion Alum’s John and Karen Vornakis. The lunch took place at Dr. and Mrs. Vornakis’ home that overlooked a beautiful scenic wetland. Talking with both Dr. and Mrs. Vornakis was great because they brought up old stories of Albion and campus life while they were here. Dr. Vornakis also informed us of his Greek life and even got to bond with one of the students on the trip that is also in the same fraternity he was a part of. Aside from hearing about Albion, Mrs. Vornakis informed students about the houses in South Carolina. She explained that the houses near the coast were required to be built with no basements. The layouts of the houses normally have a common level on the first floor, gathering area and kitchen on the second floor, and on the third floor were the bedrooms. Both Dr. and Mrs. Vornakis also assured the students that our degree’s from Albion College will be helpful within the real world. Everyone on the trip was glad to have reassurance that their degree would be valuable after college and thoroughly enjoyed their hospitality.

Lunch at the Vournakis household.