Share Your Memories of ACDT!

The college’s dance team was officially recognized in January of 1995 under the name Briton Rhythm Squad. In 2004, the name was changed to Briton Dance Team, and in 2006 the name changed again to its current one.

As we begin the 25th season of the Albion College Dance Team, we’d love to hear from alumni! Please send your memories (and pictures!) of ACDT to and I’ll add them to this page.

2 thoughts on “Share Your Memories of ACDT!

  1. This is crazy! I had no idea that the team was still going! Camille Chin and myself actually started the Briton Rhythm Squad in 1995. I will write you something more comprehensive later, but if you have any specific questions, feel free to reach out! This made my night.

  2. ACDT is going strong! Check out the routines on Facebook. I’m hoping that Communications will run a story in the Io (or other campus communication), so the story of how/why the team started will be important. Thanks so much for sharing!

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