Peace and Love

  Our last night was very bittersweet.  Here we were at our last dinner together in the library in town.   Everyone brought a plate to share and we ate like kings!  It was sad knowing that was our last time all being together and being with our families.

The man in the picture, Henry, was more or less our tour guide. Henry was a very helpful man.  He was very cultured and knew a lot about the area.  It was really neat that he knew about France and also that he had lived in other countries.  I was able to speak Spanish with him which was really rewarding! Also, he stayed behind with me and waited in the cold while I waited for a ride home (there was almost always a miscommunication as to when my family was to pick me up from the train station).  He also took my entire seminar around Paris one afternoon.  And we were quite the group so I’m sure that wasn’t a very easy task.

We’re all holding up peace signs because when we were in the metro one time he comes up to our group holding up the peace sign.  We asked him if two people were missing or something.   We were quite confused.  He paused for a minuet and he then says, “No, peace and love.  Peace and love.”  So for the rest of the trip we would walk around with peace signs saying, “Peace and love, peace and love.”  Hence, the peace signs in the picture.

We were so blessed to have Henry on the trip with us.  He is such a special man and we miss him already!

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