My Home Away From Home

Before leaving for France I was very excited. I was extremely nervous to meet my host family and see how my host siblings would react to having me in their home. I was told that I would have two sisters- Anais (22) and Chlotilde (16) and one brother- Alexis (20). During the week I also met Anais’ boyfriend, Sullivan who is 23 years old.

From left to right: Alexis, Chlotilde, Sullivan, Anais, Florence, Julie (Me) and Jerome

When I first got to their home they were very welcoming, but I still felt a bit uncomfortable. The day we arrived was my first attempt at living a whole new way of life.  The first evening, Anais took me out to meet up with one of her friends. I really enjoyed being able to see the two of them interact; their friendship resembled the type of friendships I have with my own friends.  After this evening Anais and I began to interact a lot more often at home. Chlotilde and I picked up our friendship one evening when we were left home alone. Choltilde made us dinner, croque-monsieur. We ate in front of the TV, which was very out of the ordinary after eating dinner in the kitchen, as a family, the last five nights. This meal allowed us the chance to talk and get to know each other. We learned that both of us struggled with learning the other language, but managed to mix them together to have a conversation. By the time Friday rolled around I was really sad to know I only had one night left with my family. We had a big potluck dinner that evening with my fellow classmates and their host families. At the time Alexis was now home which allowed me the opportunity to get to know him. At the dinner I had a lot of fun hanging out with my siblings. We were getting along so well I tried to brush off the thought of leaving the next day. When we arrived back at the house that night I began to pack up my bag. The kids all came in my room and one by one gave me bisous and said their goodbyes. A warm feeling of friendship over came me at that moment. I knew at that point that the experience I had with the family was one I would remember forever. Visiting France was an awesome experience that helped me fully immerse myself in the French culture.