Bonne Cuisine


When I went to France as a part of my Communities, Cultures, and Connections FYE I ate what was by far the best food I have ever had.  I know that the American sterotype of French food is that it is too fancy and the the portions are too small, but these were the first things I forgot at my first meal.  Essentially both are true, French food is quite fancy compared to American food and the portions are much smaller, but neither of these are a bad thing.  What Americans call fancy is just the French norm; they make the best food that they can and serve it the best way they can.  This makes for a great experience that sharply contrasts to the plainess of American eating habits.  The portions are small by anyone’s standard, but they always taste so good!  In general, I think the French are able to do a lot more with a lot less.

As much as I would like to highlight all of my eating experiences in France, that would take too long and I do not feel like writing that much, so I will try to summarize the highlights.  On my first night in France my host-family had a dinner party with some of their friends.  I know that there were appetizers but I do not remember what they were.  The first course was this brown soupy stuff with nuts in the middle that I latter found out involved muscles, but I didn’t care at the time because it was very good.  If you are looking for specific names of foods I can’t give them to you, they are not the things that I remember.  The main course was pheasant with potatoes, which was amazing.  For dessert there was a few different things, but what I remember was this vanilla ice cream that I think was called Crate d’Or, which was by some of the best ice cream I have ever had.  Later I drank regular tea, which is not something I usually do, but actually enjoyed.  This was a great way to start my time in France.

Since I feel like I am about to end up writing a blog post of more than a thousand words I will only briefly summarize three more of my experiences.  On Monday we ate lunch at a resturant by the Eiffel Tower.  This where I first tried and feel in love with påté.  I had duck påté as a first course and it was awesome.  My main course was steak and fries, not something you would expect to get in France but quite good.  The fries were just as good if not better than the ones in Amreica, and the steak, though smaller, was delicious.  It had some sort of butter on top that made it even better.

On Wednesday we ate lunch in a resturant in Musee d’Orsay.  The food was great, but really I just want to show these pictures of the resturant:


Salmon or fish of some sort



To sum it up, I miss French food evrey day and am looking forward to my return to France, even though that may not be for a couple more years.  It was an incredible experience that I will never forget and hope to continue one day.